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  1. @Joefi1973  I can confirm most from your imppressions about the KG3.5 ( KM 4 ) as I owned them as well , i kept the origin klipsch polymer diafragms and renovated the whole speakers inside as well as outside and after approx 30 years of age it was time to refurbish the x-overs caps & resistors . I´m not saying that this must be done with yours as well , but was neccessary to the pair that I owned. Once I published a thread in the KC , this may inspires you ? 



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  2. 36 minutes ago, Dave1291 said:

    This new Snowy White lp is the schiit's.  Great lyrices and some great tunes. 


    But he´s a great musican , do you mean this one ?




    Which LP´s are you favors ?

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  3. Sorry for off topic .......


    I've been back @home for 2 hours.  Unbelievable things happened to me today


    So I'm on the train to Bad Eilsen in the Weserbergland and call there during the train ride to confirm the shuttle service from the train station to the rehab clinic. The clerk is completely surprised that I am on my way to Bad Eilsen, because he has no free room for me and tells me by phone that I was scheduled for February 13, 2024, as I have in writing, but that the appointment was canceled due to a missing confirmation of cost absorption by the pension insurance. He had already informed my health insurance company of this on February 5, 2024, but they did not inform me. They would have been obliged to do so!


    When I called my health insurance company during the train journey, after I had to clarify the problem 4 times with 4 different clerks, I only got to hear "Sorry, something went wrong".


    And ! ....Now neither the rehabilitation clinic, the pension insurance nor the health insurance company feels responsible for reimbursing me for the travel costs for the outward and return journey. Normally the pension insurance reimburses the costs for the train journey or similar. There was also an application in the correspondence, but this must be submitted to the DB at least 10 days before the start of the journey, but the letter from the rehabilitation clinic only reached me on 07.02.24, i.e. 6 days before the start of the journey, and I was forced to buy the tickets myself. During the rehab I could have applied to the pension insurance for reimbursement of costs, but as this rehab is not taking place now, logically I will not be reimbursed for the travel costs for a rehab that is not taking place!


    I just say ... " German bureaucracy "  Now I have to wait for another invitation from the rehabilitation clinic .......

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  4. 11 hours ago, Full Range said:

    A quick update on my broken cartridge the Audio Technica ATML170

    @MicroMara would be interested in this development 


    I have found a local (well the same state) technician to replace the broken canterlever with a new boron one and new diamond tip to original or better specs 


    So hopefully it will be ready in a few weeks 

    sure it will have better specs than the origin and it´s always worth to invest some dollar in this vintage card 

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  5. 9 hours ago, Full Range said:


    ...when I say that record spinning does not put any kind of heavy strain on your body.   KEEP IT UP 

    true 🤣


    there was time this afternoon to spin a triple record set with modern african dancefloor music . 





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  6. Don´t know whether I will have a lot of time to spin some records this weekend , there a many preparations to be done till monday afternoon. I´m going to leave for the rehab early tuesday morning at 7 am. I hope the orthopaedists will get my broken spine and hinges back in a better condition. The last few months I was strictly forbidden to put any kind of heavy strain on my body, so I'm curious. I expect to be back on march 5th.

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  7. Going to leave next tuesday for the rehab in a small city called Eilsen, it´s near by some interesting sightseeings .


    The Extern Stones , these were built by earthquakes million years ago



    and the Hermann Landmark, he won some important battles against the romans 




    I still have a few preparations to make before I take the train on Tuesday. The journey by train only takes 3 hours.


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  8. The general recommended speed limit in germany in the cities is 31 mph,  outside from cities and country roads  is 50 mph, on highways 75 mph and the general speed recommondation on the autobahn is 80 mph , but 1/3 of our autobahns are free from any speed limit , so there the porsches , bmw´s , mercedes, or whatever can speed up to max . 160 mph . 

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  9. 8 hours ago, Klipsch104db said:

    Why the dual tonearm? One for MM and one for MC?

    Indeed ! At the moment I use an Moving Irion Cart from ADC on the SME 3009 Arm and an Lentek Entré 1 Moving Coil on the Micro Seiki Ma 505 Arm .

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  10. 5 minutes ago, grasshopper said:

    very tactful ....


    I drive with a light foot. According to the computer in the car ...

    average speed 32mph

    fuel mileage 51mpg+

     that's putting down these country roads at 35 -55mph The car doesn't stop rolling and I hardly use the brakes.

    You won´t survive on german autobahns 😂

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  11. btw ..I installed my ADC XLM III with the JICO RSX Needle on the modded SME 3009 Tonearm yesterday , have it since a couple of years , but less than 50 hours used ..so it was time ...



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  12. In the late afternoon I continued with the bristish jazz funk band Level 42 and their Album Physical Presence from 1985




    later Marvin Gaye´s Last Concert Tour , recorded in Indianapolis in 1983




    and finally Miss Millie Jackson " Live and Uncensored " , her voice was compared to these from Aretha Franklin and Tina Turner , I mean she has a great voice





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  13. Todays sunday was a live record spinning day


    I started with the GRP Allstar Band , this live Album was recorded in Rotterdam ( The Netherlands ) in 1985 and I was there ! 




    Than I spun the Live Album from George Benson Weekend in LA 1977 




    followed by Al Jarreau´s first european live concert tour in 1977 , started in Berlin





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  14. Well buddies ....bad weather here again, housekeeping was done , cooking as well , so there was time to spin the tt the whole afternoon till early evening


    I started with Joan Armatrading







    than Suzanne Vegas Debut from 1985



    inspired from her it put Rickie Lee Jones on the platter




    and finally Laurie Anderson





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