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  1. 1996 production 2005 crites crossovers flat black finish good condition priced $1,700 location Louisville KY txt 502.802.4001
  2. Kp 301 located Louisville KY selling price 525.00
  3. All original prefer local pickup Louisville KY price $550.00. thank you but not interested in counter offers
  4. I'm trying to locate a dynaco st70 any help would be greatly appreciated. I've checked all The usual suspects eBay facebooks and everybody wants what I consider a couple hundred bucks premium. Again thanks for your help.
  5. I hope this is the right forum. looking for some thoughts and suggestions. I've been looking for a pair of klipsch for a while and finally pulled the plug on a pair of KP 30s. The only thing I'm aware of is they did have the crossovers replaced with crites crossovers. Here are some questions I have for you. The cabinet was refinished back down to the raw Birch but the corner bracing external was left in place can I remove that and redo it in a veneer? I think I'll just have to work around the handles there's no way to remove those and rebuild the box that I can see. Is there anything in heritage line that would compare with the KP thirties sonically. Any suggestions on significance improvements that can be made I've just been listening to him for a few hours and cannot tell you other than I'm grinning from ear to ear. In the unlikely event that these speakers don't fit my listing style or room what's the probability of them being resellable Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated thank you in advance
  6. My bad I was referring to decotarer series
  7. I've been offered to purchase a heresy in the designer series. Is there any difference other than the cosmetics
  8. Cornwall's available How closedors route take u to Louisville ky?
  9. Can someone help me understand or point me in the right direction. what is the differences between the different the heresy models. I'm looking at purchasing a used heresy 2 . What am I giving up not going up to the three or four. Are there upgrades available that will take the heresy 2 and make it comprable to current level iv and at what cost? A used pair is heresy 2 @ 450 is tempting. Thank you
  10. Help... I have an itch to try "horns" . Happy planner guy for years. I can find used g Hersey 1 and 2, original Forte for about same $ amount.. original Cornwall double the cost. All things being the same condition ECT. Would you recommend one over the other, I realize that environment plays a huge part but putting that aside which way should I look. I do not have a grasp is significant difference between models 1,2,3 Thanks for your help
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