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  1. It’s been almost a year now fellas and I feel the RP’s are really broken in. The RP’s seemed really stiff at first almost muffled but all is gooood now with the exception of the variances in levels of songs from Spotify. Overall the sound is pretty rich, DEEEEEP CRISP LOWS but the hi’s can be a little fuzzy and airy a lot of the time so I often turn down the treble a bit 🤔 Emailed Cory to see if I can get another deal on an spl120 at the wife’s request. Her Reggae is about to drive me bat shit as it is. I’m still running the RP8000’s and one sp120 from the Yamaha AS701 would one recommend that I upgrade to a bigger receiver before adding another sub or just continue and by a split cord and hook it right in?
  2. Man ol man, when the wife’s away I plan very nice dinners that are typically expensive or a pain to cook for two. After a good days work the Stereo gets turned on to MY jams and the ritual of tossing a couple of beers or a sip or two of bourbon while prepping a bad *** dinner begins! No griping about how late I jammin or what im listening to. Just me and the dogs without all the ,,,, interference from the wife! Now don’t get me wrong we been together for 20years I just enjoy my break from time to time 😎
  3. Hell patriot the worse thing you could do there is have your line pulled by a Gar they have a combination of shark and alligator teeth, or pull in a body.... We been hitting a lot of the larger creeks here that run through the city. It’s been a good season on the creeks, ponds and lakes, I got a 3.5 lb small mouth and a 5lb large mouth, on the creek that day. There’s something sweet catching keepers this size on a creek, you have to know where and what to use to have the best time fishing large, small creeks and rivers. That was a vinyl liner a 33x44 that customer tried to stick me with his mesh cover sale and installation around 4500.00 I got 5000.00 out of him in court by the time it was all over with. My lawyer only charges 500$ for small claims. Being im an LLC I have to have representation. I been doing liners and pool service for a long time with a lm absolute flawless record. Just finished this one here a 26x40
  4. Arrrr wife is in bed with a kidney infection theres no way I can jam today and it’s driving me crazy all I can do is walk by em. Thinking man would they sound better over here, over there......I gotta get these levels and placement adjusted, either my ears are severely clogged with these allergies, the cheaper usb on the I phone connection, and a combination of spotify and wooden floors are some of the contributing issue with the flat sorta muffled sound on the highs and mids. I also stumbled on some of the bi-wiring threads seems it’s just a myth? An “audiophile facepalm” lol. Unfortunately I don’t have a pre out in the yammy for a tube amp ^ I do love the sound of ORANGE and GREEN tube guitar amplifiers hmmmmm love em! There are a lot of variances on those Eames replicas just make sure if you grab a cheaper one or expensive one the vendor has solid warranties!
  5. Cory and his crew are great guys! A guy over at my other forum hooked me up with him last week, ordered my gear, came in 2 days! I highly recommend Paducah 100% Thanks again Cory! I will be turning the power on today patriots! Edited 8-8-20 First session last night, Im sure my cheap I phone connection wire is the culprit. Hard wood floors no carpet, larger room, a bit of hollow sound. -Mid bass and highs seem kinda muffled. - The highs aren’t crystal not muffled just not crystall clear Mids seem weak thanks gawd for the sub. Volume has to be turned up almost half way to get it loud, then the high airy background noise is present. Man, it seems my KG-4’s had a bit more balls. Should I bi wire this set up? I have both sets of wires installed on A channel. I love this forum! Im constantly reading the vast amount of threads trying to learn new things, if someone has any thread links or recommendations send em my way!
  6. In style fellas, tis an expensive replica. This one was near 2800? 1/2 off here for a decent replica, most cheap replicas wobble and are made with cheap leather, wood and stainless and fall short of spec. https://urbanfurnishing.net/collections/modern-classics/products/mid-century-plywood-lounge-chair-and-ottoman-ultra-premium-version-black-palisander With a 10,000+ chair I would have a bigger budget for my audio! Hell that wall would be full of copper and black!
  7. Yammy A-s701 Spl120 Rp8000F Im working on a deal for another spl120 just going to take a bit more haggling I think, the initial low ball didn’t go through lol.... My new credenza should arrive soon for It will be the cherry on the sunday!
  8. INDY K


    I’m a big fan of cracker crust pizza lately, light in the cheese heavy on the goodies, A thai peanut chicken, or bbq pork with gouda chicken pesto? ohh yaaa! I want to attempt this with my grill using hardwood or charcoal. After discovering this thread I definitely want to get back on this plan!!!
  9. Yea Matt I probably do, forgive my inexperienced self here you guys are a lot nicer than what I been reading on other forums where the locals are trashing the new guy for not knowing up from down when it comes to this stuff, just wait till I start the system I will definitely need some hand holding. My anxiety is certainly 100% running deep It’s silly I go to bed reading about passives and wattage and wake up thinking about distortion levels lol. I run a pool business I have no room for other worries right now heheheh.... im over 2000$ + into this project so far but determined! I seriously considered hiring someone to give me a crash course on setting up my gear, hell the money is there. In my profession you bring in the guys who can help or know front and back the task at hand. Basically I assumed a receiver? Crap have I been spending the past week looking for the wrong item🤪 Something for the rare occasional fm/am play, a spot to hook up my head phones, audio jack for the wifes cellphone/spotify. My system before was a receiver and 2 kg4’s that was it super primitive in comparison to what Im getting myself into now. Keep the recommendations coming in patriots all the information, links given is 100% appreciated.
  10. Bought the YAMAHAA-S701 2-Ch x 100 Watts Natural Sound Integrated Amplifier I can feel myself getting STRONGERRR😬 And I just got notification for my truck delivery for tomorrow!! I put all my service calls onto wednesday to celebrate the arrival lol.... Now searching for a decent receiver.
  11. Centering in on that amp williand thanks for the link patriot! How about this for a receiver fellas? Denon AVR-S650H Audio Video Receiver, 5.2 Channel (150W X 5) 4K UHD Home Theater Surround Sound (2019) | Music Streaming | Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, AirPlay 2, Alexa, HEOS Built-in | eARC and Upgraded HDCP https://www.amazon.com/Denon-AVR-S650H-Receiver-Streaming-Bluetooth/dp/B07QRC9NP5/ref=mp_s_a_1_15?dchild=1&keywords=150+watt+stereo+2+channel+receiver%2C+used&qid=1596491091&s=aht&sprefix=150+watt+stereo+&sr=1-15
  12. Looking to spend near the same for the amp, affordability is the key for me right now. I can go to Upper 5, 6’s for now and grab better gear when I become more knowledgeable and more funds become available. Fellas Im a nub here, integrated tube amps, the specs descriptions all might as well be written in Chinese to some extent. Im near blind when it comes to this investment like one of my pool customers who has a fist full of cash and don’t know crap about what he needs. When I hear a description I’m running to google to see what that means and trying to decide if thats good for me type thing. If possible point to a direct compatible products. Entry level Dennon, Marantz seem to be what a few folks have recommended. I spent last night just trying to make sense of whats been posted.
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