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  1. I thought it looked like an Alan Eaton!
  2. Will do. The amp isn't built in though and I'm told to bypass it on this sub, it takes some doing.
  3. Erhard Audio Aretha Pre and Janis Phono
  4. Will Vincent St-70 Laboratory West And Oliver Sayes 45 Korneff Clone
  5. Okay, so I did that and if you push it down fairly far, you can hear some rubbing. But it seems like I have to push it down to the point where it is almost fully stretching out the surround. Just lightly pushing it up and down I don't hear any rubbing.
  6. Yes, I did mean re-foamed. I will check that. Thanks!
  7. I picked up a used ULD-15 from an estate sale for a song, then had it reformed and it was working beautifully for 3 months, then it struck, the dreaded popping that indicates either the servo or the amp is bad, which from what I understand both are nearly impossible to fix due to the lack of parts to fix them. I could put a plate amp in the side of the box and call it good or I could go with something else. Looking for recommendations. I'm running this with Tube pre, phono and power amps on my 1978 Klipsch La Scalas. Thoughts and reccomendations are much appreciated. I'd like to not spend an arm and a leg and I think I'd like to stay with a 15" if I can.
  8. I have! I had the Vincent gone through twice and there is nothing wrong with it. I had the Preamp gone through and again nothing wrong with it. There is something amiss with the new wiring in the room (probably not properly grounded somewhere...) because when I have the lights turned on you hear buzzing coming from the amp, regardless of if its the Vincent ST-70, St-35, or my Oliver Sayes 45. So, I leave the light off in the main room and just have lights on in the area behind me. Short of tearing apart the walls and redoing the wiring, that is where I am.
  9. Not affiliated. https://portland.craigslist.org/wsc/ele/d/portland-klipsch-la-scala-ii/7281664598.html
  10. No affiliation, but if you work out a trade with them and need help facilitating shipping, I'm close and would be happy to help! https://portland.craigslist.org/mlt/ele/d/florence-klipsch-cornwall-vertical/7272853493.html
  11. Welp sent the Vincent ST-70 back to Will he checked it out and couldn't find anything wrong with it.....then talked to Holger at Erhard, he asked that I send Aretha back and he's checking it out right now, but is not seeing anything wrong with it. I checked my DAC and don't see any bulging caps or anything that could be wrong with that, I checked my sub controller and dont see any bulging caps there either. Both just visual inspections. So I'm at a loss as to what could be causing the weird noises when Aretha is hooked up, cause I dont get the same noises when I have the Schiit SYS hooked up. Will wait to get Aretha back to see if the sound persists, if it does I will need to do some more troubleshooting. The ST-70 with new tubes sounds rad though. I put new Tung Sol EL34's and a NOS rectifier in it and its sounds really nice. Onward to the music! 😁
  12. Very cool piece on the Blackburn plant!
  13. I agree with the Tube Pre and Tube Power. That really changed things for my setup. You can alo check out Erhard Audio. I got my Tube pre and Tube phono from him and am happy with them. Holger has also been very nice to work with as well as responsive whenever I have a question.
  14. I found a place locally that loans out Amps, so I have given that a go while mine is being fixed. I tried out a Omaha od-300b for the last couple days, I found great detail using these on the La Scalas, but it lacks a teeny bit of ommph when compared to the St-70. Which is probably to be expected when comparing the Omaha at 10watts per channel to the ST-7- at 35 wpc. Am I right there? Or does it have more to do with SET vs PP? The Omaha was lackluster on the Cornwalls in my opinion. I really like the ST-70 much more on the Cornwalls when comparing the St-70 to the Omaha. The Omaha is nice, but is integrated, so I don't get to use my pre with it, which is really a non starter since I just bought it, but I thought it would be a good chance to hear some 300b's. It looks like they have a Quad II Forty monoblocks that I might be able to try out too. I might see where that goes. What I do know is that my SS is good, but I really do just love tubes and what they bring, even if they are a lil more finicky! Fun fun!
  15. Will still has yet to take a look at my amp, so I'm still waiting. 😔
  16. Just an FYI. Kevin did not build these!
  17. No affiliation https://phoenix.craigslist.org/wvl/ele/d/goodyear-speakers-klipsch-heresy/7246572245.html
  18. I just bought the PROFI ends the other day. What is the cable you use for them?
  19. I was just telling my buddy who owns a Private Equity firm that he should find a mid to high end cable manufacturer to invest in cause their margins have to be pretty stellar.
  20. I'd love to know the makeup of these Male RCA as I'm about to embark on making some of my own.
  21. Theses are still for sale in the Raleigh Durham area if someone wants them. The guy who built them used to work for VAC. Shipping to me in Portland would have been $350, which was just too much for me to justify. He seems like a very nice guy and is moving, which is why he is selling them.
  22. Whoa, he really came down in price! He had 3 that he was trying to sell as a unit for $2k. Super nice guy!
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