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  1. 4 minutes ago, Limberpine said:

    Damn, I want those! They’re closeish to my house in Portland, but I’m in Chicago for the next two weeks. I bet they won’t last that log though. If I was close, I’d certainly buy and hold for someone if need be too….😁

    Or sell my La Scala 1’s and live with these………😬

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  2. On 3/5/2022 at 12:51 PM, opusk2k9 said:

    I spoke with Gil again today.  He would really love to hear from the Forum.  

    It doesn't sound like he is making much progress.  No luck yet on getting his cell phone reactivated.

    Please try to reach out every once in a while and brighten his day.


    The number is.  There is one shared wireless phone , so it sometimes takes two or three tries to get Gil on the phone.

    You may want to spell out his phone number so the bots don't pick it up and begin spamming him. : ) 

  3. 16 hours ago, captainbeefheart said:

    Type 80 does look much better than a 5y3 and has about the same steady state current handling capabilities, and an exact match for heater current and voltage (5v at 2A).


    Personally I'd just replace the socket with the 4 pin and just have the amp always run the type 80. Even if you were to sell it I am willing to bet it would sell the same or better with the stock type 80 tube installed. I am biased as I am not a fan of adapters.


    Disregard if the rectifier socket is on a PCB, not worth it.

    Its not on a PCB this amp is all point to point. I haven't considered replacing the socket. How much does a good socket cost? 


    I have some basic soldering skills, so I bet I could do it, so long as I don't need tools to measure it after its been replaced? 

  4. Looking to run a Type 80 rectifier in my Oliver Sayes that has 5y3 right now, so here I am seeing if anyone ahs an extra adaptor they'd like to sell before I order all the way from China.

    I found a Majestic 80 globe that tests NOS at an estate sale today for $8 and then also have some ST shape 80's that I'd like to give a listen to.

  5. 13 minutes ago, captainbeefheart said:


    I can't walk away from things like that, $10 I would have thrown my money at them. Of course I would use them for other applications and not in crossovers. There are some seriously great deals on electronics if you just keep an eye out for them. I know people hate them but I got a disgusting amount of vintage Ohmite "little devil" carbon composition resistors. I like them, they were stored very well and within tolerance and for $20 it took me the better part of a year to organize them there were so many. I see people selling them for $3.00 each it's sick. I only use them as basically extremely cheap parts to breadboard with and make stuff. They have proven to be very reliable for what they are. I obviously don't use them in critical circuits but as I said to have gross supply of resistors cheap to play with is wonderful. I believe they were sold by weight which was weird, it was something like 20 lbs of resistors for $20.


    I did have the thought to buy them along with a bunch of resistors, but then I was thinking that I didn't want a bunch more clutter on my  each, so I didn't buy them. There was a bunch of electronics stuff like that at this sale. Next time.

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  6. 2 hours ago, captainbeefheart said:


    It's crazy. The 1N3996 is going for $38 each ouch




    You could probably list all 4 for $60 and get it, that's $15 a pop. I suppose people leave them in case they sell the speakers and someone wants them stock with the protection circuit.

    Well geesh, I wish I would have known that last weekend. I went to an estate sale an they were selling like 100 of them for $10.  They're probably in the trash now......😕

  7. 1 hour ago, babadono said:

    And hopefully you are doing this with no input to the speaker. Those tweeters are fragile. Usually back in the day they got blown out  on an impulse, like someone dropping the needle onto a record. With the volume up too high.

    Correct. No load going to the speakers when disconnecting then. 

  8. 24 minutes ago, babadono said:

    Just remove them from the metal mounting plate, wrap in some electrical tape. Do not let them touch anything or each other.

    So the zener wire is soldered together with the tweeter spades. I took the positive side off, by unscrewing the screw from the terminal block and taping the spade  so it doesn’t touch anything and the tweeter didn’t produce any sound. 

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