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  1. I use it as a power amp all the way up all the time using Schiit Saga preamp for volume. Turned off the music,turned the Saga all the way pulled the grill and stuck my ear in the tweeter. Nada. My hearing fades @ 15Khz so it may be that but as far as my ears go nothing.

  2. Please tell me what you think of them. I've read they are outstanding as far as measurements but no experience first or second hand. I like my Topping PA3s and have been looking (and considering) at the L90 Discrete.

  3. 15 hours ago, JohnA said:

    I gave up my turntable (Thorens TD-124, Decca arm, A-T OC9 cart, Aragon phono pre) when I discovered 24/192 DVD-A. 


    Latest in rotation has been  Tool's "Fear Inoculum" and Glass Hammer's "Arise".  Chief Bonehead

    uses Tool in his demos.  🤯


    This one always makes people sit up and listen....love to hear it on some big speakers.



  4. While numbers one and two are important they are the only ones the general public seems to know. While the fourth and eighth carry a heavier burden. Now go on google away....

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