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  1. Car rentals are out of the question with prices like they are. And they'll never decrease. I hope they lose millions. I am so sick and tired of the unabashed greed from American business. When coupled with the decline in quality and service I see profits continuing to drop no matter what the price.

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  2. If I have something to say about other's choices it will be clearly stated. Otherwise I say what pertains to my choices on the subject at hand.


    Man this place is getting touchy since I came back. What happened? Not accepting it's the change in policy concerning changing speaker components. C'mon we're supposed to be sharing something we enjoy and not seeing a lot of enjoyment here.

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  3. I was using a Logitech Bluetooth adapter on my Fisher 440T receiver for phone/Spotify and was unhappy with the sound. Installed my Schiit Modi 3+/WiiM mini and was blown away with the improvement. So I'd say yes definitely use a stand alone DAC. I do not use Bluetooh with the WiiM it's just a remote in practice. Bluetooth isn't geat if you seek good sound.

  4. One of the prices I pay for living rural is crap 'net service. All that's available is satellite (no way) DSL (same) and 5G. It's decent tonight but sometimes I cannot even get phone service. They tell me there's nothing wrong even though my phone says SOS where it should be bars. Frustrating to say the least.

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