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  1. 3 hours ago, Oicu812 said:

    And the answer is no, planes on treadmills will not take flight. 


    It's all about how much air movement can be generated over the tops of the wings to create the vacuum needed for lift.  On a treadmill the planes will stay firmly planted.  You make the wheels turn fast, but in relation to the air the plane is not moving at all.





    It's not a vacuum. It's a pressure differential.

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  2. Great to see him on the top step again. Vettel stole the best part of his career IMHO. I hope I'm wrong and this is the start of recovery as a contender. He so deserves it.

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  3. 1 hour ago, JohnJ said:

    @geezin' I hear you and would love to elaborate...

    But I like being here and tip-toeing is difficult for me.

    Sure that some can conceive where we're coming from...


    It was difficult to word that in a way that crossed no lines. Took awhile.


    Be nice for us to remember we're all on the same team here. It seemed that way in the days after the attack. I recall it was so quiet for some time after 9/11. No one going anywhere,no planes flying. Weird.     

  4. What I remember most vividly is some people from countries that are supposed to be our allies saying we as a nation deserved or asked for it. It has changed the way I see those parts of the world. Not from a news report but in online conversations in the hours and days following.


    I was working in Gaithersburg MD about 11 miles as the crow flies from the Pentagon. We could se the smoke on the horizon. Miltary aircraft flying low overhead. The feds came and confiscated our videos from the security cameras. Scary times.


    The country has become mean-spirited and divided since then. Not sure how much is related to the attack but sure is coincidental. It seems to have degraded the US to a third world country. Sad. Should have brought us together. Sure it did for awhile but look at things now.



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