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  1. 1 hour ago, JJkizak said:

    That almost doesn't look for real. How can that tiny tractor handle all that weight?


    The angle of the photo that was taken with an iPhone distorts the size of the bucket. It is exactly the same width as the mower deck...48". And that is minus the safety chute.

    It's a small tractor but rather stout. The smallest real tractor Kubota sells here. I've only got 3 acres to deal with....until I can get the old guy to sell some of his bordering land to me.


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  2. 7 hours ago, Dave1291 said:

    Ewwwwww Just say NO!  WHY do I always get blamed for everything???  hmmmm?   You two remembering your antics from days gone by?  Hmmmm?  Mushrooms were made for steaks, pizza's, spaghetti sauce and even freeze dried are good.  Sponge mushrooms rolled in a lil flour and fried in butter?  Just keep the plate full.  :)



    Your's truly, 

    The red-headed step-child  


    Me thinks thou doth protest too much. :D

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  3. 14 minutes ago, henry4841 said:

    Then why change anything? The old "if it ain't broke why fix it."

    Because it will eventually break. I turn wrenches on Harleys. Been doing it long enough that I remember when they deserved that reputation of high maintenance. And I tend to apply that everywhere. Keeps me from having to wonder if I'm worrying about that device. I just know if I need it it will fail eventually. That doesn't bother me. it's when I cannot fix it that does.

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  4. Noticed something while working on my Heresy. I don't have a TV so music is on 99% of the time I'm home. So I drug my Klipsch R-610f out from the bedroom to fill in for the H1. Just unplugged the Heresy from the KG sub and plugged the R-610f in. The sub really helped them. Soundstage was improved as was the mid. Unfortunately nothing will help them up high compared to the Heresy no matter what I hook up. So now I'm looking to find another KG SW.

  5. On 1/26/2023 at 7:06 PM, henry4841 said:

    Unhook drivers from wires and use ohmmeter to check continuity between driver leads. Being a mechanic you probably already know a lot of electronic problems in a car, motorcycle, are usually just a bad connection somewhere. As others have said unhook and re-hook all connections and if possible take a soldering iron and go over all the solder connections on the X-over boards. Swapping X-overs is an excellent starting point to see if problem persist on the same speaker after doing so.

    On 1/26/2023 at 6:19 PM, OO1 said:

    good idea ,

     what are the resistance readings on the  2 speakers ,and  are the readings  a close match ?  




    OK I finally made time to swap crossovers and measure the drivers.


    First the drivers. I measured at the spade connectors on the crossover end. All measurements listed are minus the .8 ohm resistance of the test leads.



    tweeter 5.7  Ω

    squawker 9.8 Ω

    woofer 6.8 Ω


    #2-problem speaker

    tweeter 5.7 Ω

    squawker 9.9 Ω

    woofer 6.8 Ω


    While swapping I loosened/tighten all connections again just in case. Well seems to have worked. I listened to some very familiar songs (w/crossover swapped) and all sounds good from where I sit.


    I really enjoy the way they sound now. I am leery of changing for the change's sake because I'm keenly aware the subjective nature. I will purchase a pair of type E crossovers and rebuild them so going back will be an option. Are the type of capacitor that came with these available new? If so should I?

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