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  1. 6 hours ago, henry4841 said:

    Is this something you know or something you have read? If entirely true no one would remember a loved ones voice years later. Just saying not to disagree with anyone. Certainly hard to do comparing different equipment if not done quickly but one does have a sound memory.  

    Coincidentally I heard my deceased sister's voice today after 7 years or more. Took a bit to recognize her. My niece (her daughter) has a message stored on a cell phone and played it for me. So you may recall when told but recognizing it w/o direction may be harder than you think.

  2. For some unknown reason I just got a jones for Heresy Speakers. I have a 1965 Fisher 440T and think a pair of 1st generations would match it well. Having never heard them could I get some feedback? I'm currently using a pair of R-610F and am happy with them. Mostly classic rock but big band,jazz and classical are not rare either. In fact Beethoven's Coriolan Overture Op. 62 is playing right now.


    I'm aware of the opinions they're not audiophile,lack bass,ect. and prefer to decide for myself if that's the case. In fact I think most music these days is a bit heavy on bass and it makes the delivery cloudy.

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  3. I picked up some new old vinyl. Time/Life Great Men of Music series. 16 volumes/64 records for $100 USD. Over 35 years old. Mostly unplayed and stored. Vivaldi is playing right now. Nice recordings so far.

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