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  1. Durian. It literally smells like stinky old gym socks. Truly horrible! Ha ha!
  2. Their amps used to be made for and sold by a German company ( forgot the name) for triple the price. Now they sell directly to the public. We are beyond happy with our Doge 10! It’s like it was made specifically for our RF63s. Imaging is phenomenal! dave
  3. We bought the Doge 10 (A model) to go with our RF63s and a Rotel CD11 Tribute CD player. It lives up to the hype! It was around 2200 after import fees and shipping, and is fantastic, by far the best amp, and best combo, we have owned. Dave
  4. I wanted to follow-up here and thank everyone again for their advice. To go with our RF 63s, we ended with a Doge 10 tube amp ( A model: the one with the strongest imaging), and it is truly spectacular. After shipping and import fees it was about 2200. This used to be made by the same company but sold under a a German company’s name for around 6,000.00. The CD player we bought is a Rotel CD 11 Tribute model. I cannot overemphasize how fantastic this setup is. My wife and I listened to it last night and couldn’t stop laughing, the imaging is so amazing. Thanks again for taking the time to chip in. Dave
  5. Ok. You convinced us. We will give it a 2nd chance. Of course the replacement is on back order. Thanks, everyone, for your advice. Much appreciated. Dave
  6. . . . Appreciate any and all advice. We were pretty surprised by the CDS1000. It did not appear to have been damaged or used and seemed rugged.
  7. Hi, Bill, and all. Since you were kind enough to reply, maybe you can advise us on a CD player to go with the set up and maximize imaging. We bought the Yamaha CDS1000 and on days 3 and 4 of owning it, it started giving us a “no disk” error on a variety of CDs. Big disappointment. It’s on its way back to Crutchfield. It soured hubby on the model. Have any suggestions? Any thoughts on the Merantz CD 6007? Have any other suggestions? We have the Yamaha S2200 amp on backorder. thank you! Pat
  8. Hi. We have a velodyne sub but don’t usually use it when listening to music. The pics might be a while, as the AS2200 is on backorder at Crutchfield. We like buying from them, as they have given us spectacular customer service for 30 years. thanks again! Dave
  9. Thank you, Bill. Your response is much appreciated. The AS2200 is one of the options we have been looking at online. Happy new year to you, and thank you again. Dave
  10. I would say kimchee is the smelliest food. If I have heated it up in the microwave, when my husband gets home from work I will hear him swearing in the doorway before I see him.
  11. Hello, everyone. We could really use some help picking an integrated amplifier to go with our RF 63’s. It’s impossible to listen to different setups and keyword search results are so broad and contradictory they have been all but useless. What we are looking for in particular is imaging and depth. We mainly listen to classical music and jazz with a hint of everything else thrown in. Our room is about 20x20 with a lot of open space. Can you please offer suggestions for the amp that can make the most of these speakers’ imaging capabilities? Our price range is under 5 grand. We would be grateful for some specific suggestions. Thank you very much in advance. Happy new year to everyone. Dave and Pat
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