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  1. Where did you get the h3 kit. I've asked multiple times calling Klipsch. Can I also ask what they charged you for the h3 upgrade?
  2. Hey Randy, Trey and I have talked about this buddy! Also keep searching and you will find the post from Bob talking about the increase in decibels. When you introduce the k28 into a H1 or H2 the output will be higher. Which is probably why you like it.
  3. Ah ok, so you do understand the woofer will be louder? Reason many claim more boom/bass
  4. Randy, It's documented many time here on the forum. You now introduced a 4ohm woofer in place of a 8ohm woofer. So now the output of the woofer is +3db louder than before, look it up!
  5. Back in December I reached out to support with pics of my speakers and serial #s then they stopped responding. I'd like k28s but I dont know how to get them!
  6. Pete, that sounds awesome. I'd like to talk to you more about that. I'm newer to the forum and it would let me send private msgs. I'm in San Antonio I think your in Austin. Can you email me Jdwtx85@gmail.com.
  7. Hi Pete, did you try to drop the cap for the woofer?
  8. John, Im trying to msg you separate. Im a newer member and it says i have 0 messages to send.
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