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  1. As the happy owner of the above mentioned gear let me just add my two cents. I am completely blown away by the sound I now have. I was on the fence about buying the kit, I wanted a second amp so I could keep my system down in my music room in my basement but the wife wants music back upstairs. A remodel forced all equipment down to the basement. I read a lot of good stuff on this site concerning the ACA and this posting came along with the items for sale. I put together a Marantz M7 tube preamp clone which I ran into my Marantz 2252B but found lots of things lacking. I ran the pre into the mains in so the 2252 was just a power amp. It sounded great, so I thought then my first ACA from Dneu arrived. This was a major sound awakening for me, to the point that I realized that the Marantz 2252B needed some love. A restoration is within my skill set but is going to take time, time that I just don't have. This is more of a winter project. That being said, I just can't go back and was made a great deal on the monoblocks and a linestage pre. I have to say that this setup, mono's and the linestage literally blow me away. The 16 watts into my H3's is way more sound than I need in my small space and I appreciate the fact that I don't miss anything at what I consider my normal volume. So, now I have two great systems and have to decide what goes where and I can focus on more speakers. I will let anyone on the fence know that the build quality of Dneu stuff is top shelf, he even replaced the fronts of the monos with walnut so my system would completely match. So to close I do want to send a great big thanks to Dneu.
  2. Can you heat the barrel and cool the ball at the same time? A little bit of liquid nitrogen and a torch but not too much.
  3. Those shipping charges really get you...
  4. Do you remember what you got? I have been shopping around on ebay for one as well.
  5. Did you use one of the diyAudio chassis for your M2x build?
  6. They may be pending, should have a more definitive answer by the end of the week.
  7. I started with an email to support @klipsch. Let me look up the thread and see if I can find it. There is an actual part number but verification of ownership of h2’s is required to get the ball rolling
  8. I will certainly do that, unfortunately I am in the middle of a re-model on my kitchen so it will be a couple of more days before I can safely fire the stereo up. By safely, I mean the don't you have something better you could be doing right now kinda thing.
  9. For my Windows 10 desktop, I use a Schitt Modi connected to the usb-c port. In windows I select the modi as Playback and then I adjusted the settings to match the Hi Res of AMHD. This works great for my desktop system that is the Klipsch The One and a vali 3 pre amp. The one drawback I have with Bluos app is that I can't add songs to my library, I have to back out and go to the desktop. Also the Bluesound node does an incredible job with the apple airplay. My node is connected to ethernet and I can stream from my ipad and it sounds pretty amazing. I have found that Amazon and Apple music seen to have the same library and a direct connection from the apple device to a dac gives me hi rez or apple lossless if connected to node through airplay.
  10. I have the M7 preamp kit that I bought from tubes for HIFI. This pre sounds amazing but it seems to lack the bass that I like. I am running this into some Heresy's with a sub and at times it doesn't even seen like the sub is in the mix. The pre has three tung-sol 12au7 tubes and I was thinking about trying out some JJ ECC802s that they have in stock at tube depot. Does anyone have any experience with the JJ ECC802s, I chose this because one of the reviewers stated a bit much bass for their tastes. Whatever tube I get, I want to stay within the 12au7 family because I am making the assumption that the lower gain tube was chosen for a reason. I have not seen anything bad about the tung-sol but the whole point of the pre-amp was to experiment with the color of the sound it generates. Any advice on this would be appreciated.
  11. I saw that and just for the price alone have been wanting to jump on it.
  12. Thank you for the information, I really appreciate it. As for something modern, well that is where I am at. I have been considering one of the Cambridge Audio amps or some type of integrated amp with some streaming capability. I am alos considering just a power amp and a pre-amp to handle the streaming. Lots of choices out there, just not sure where I am going to start. I do have this itch to build a couple of the power amps from the DIY Audio Store. I have only heard good things about the Amp Camp Amp. So perhaps I can focus on the perfect pre-amp first.
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