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  1. I came across this ad for an EICO for sale in a local shop, does anyone know what this is and what would seem to be a fiar price for it?
  2. I went with the Bluesound 2i because it seemed like the simplest option to get my streaming music to my vintage 2channel system. I am hard wired and control my amazon music with the app on a tablet. This isn't wife friendly you can end up with multiple instances of amazon music going. One through the blueos app and the amazon hd app so they will over ride each other. When the amazon app runs it will cast to the bluesounde but drops at time. To make a wife friendly option i split an optical off the hdmi output of my shield tv. The optical plugs into the bluesound and spotify or any other streaming service works and is controlled by the tv remote. Wife friendly. I have not tried tidal this way yet. The wife doesnt care so much about hi rez and at 10 bucks a month spotify is a win. Although the premium spotify does sound great in this mode.
  3. This pair of blondes are as close to perfect as anyone could hope for. Thanks jimjimbo you made my quarantine the best darn quarantine ever.....
  4. "Music management in Plex is a dumpster fire. And playback via my Shield TV resulted in forced resampling that I didn't like." I use the Amazon Premium and tried the same with Plex and my Shield. No matter what I tried the best i could get was 48Hz which is what I assumed the is the requirement for the surround stuff to work. I had the Shield HDMI out to a switch so I could pick off the optical and send to a Schitt Modi which worked great but couldn't get the true full rez Amazon was putting out. I switched to a Bluesound Node 2i and am much happier but i don't need Plex for it or my Shield for it anymore. I do use the Shield to stream Spotify and Amazon when I don't want to bother with a controller.
  5. "Back in ~1996-7 I bought ML Aerius, upgraded to SL2's and finally reQuest's. As mentioned they are very different than a conventional speaker. And yes they are very hard on amps. At the time I got these the sales rep told me that these things can have impedance swings as low as 2 ohms. Just to give you an example of there life span & cost - I had needed to replace the reQuest panels after ~12 years and by the time I finally did in 2012 they cost just over $1000 for the pair. You may want to contact ML on what a new set of panels would cost. IMHO the price is too high for his/her Aerius and having moved up in the models both the SL2's & reQuest's both were head and shoulders better than the Aerius." This is an important consideration, these speakers could be quite aged, I do think they have been cared for but by the sounds of it, even cared for will have failures.
  6. Thank you for your response. I do not believe they are going anywhere anytime soon and they have been cared for by someone who appreciates them. I will see if ican haggle a better price. Unless i find something i would like better at that price point.
  7. I have a work acquaintance who is selling a set of Martain Logans for a 1000. They look to be in incredible shape and he is the original owner. The price looks fair for what research i have done. The plan would be to connect them to a pioneer sx1050 in my music room. Does anyone have any expierence with these they would like to share or advice on what i should be looking for when i can see them?
  8. Still haven't bought them. They belong to my boss, who is moving, so they are not going anywhere anytime soon.
  9. I grabbed the Schitt Modi 3. So far its ok. Using Amazon Music Hd (90 day free trial) I am able to get 24bit 48kHz from phone usb. Using Firestick and optical out from tv i get 16bit at 48kHz. I think the micro usb is my limit for the phone. Perhaps a tablet with usb-c would get me the full 24/96. Not sure but i can't seem to find any specs on the limitations of audio on fire stick. It seems any wireless streaming device will be limited to dvd quality so i will research a media streamer that uses ethernet. I need one anyway because i have decided to get rid of cable, the bill went up for the last time.
  10. That's what I have seen, people hate them and people like them. These look good and sound great, if for any other reason they will be good to soup up.
  11. I have an opportunity to pick up a very pristine set of Altec Lansing 508's for 100.00. Is this a good deal, I don't need them but for the price I figured why not. The plate says they are made in PA so I think that means they are Sparkomatics, curious if anyone has owned them.
  12. I grabbed a pair of KG 2.5's yesterday. A great deal, they are believed to be aquired when a dealer or warehouse was cleanned out. Tjey are in immaculate condition and sound great. A lot more sound than i expected. They handle everything my Marantz gives them with just a bit of resonance on the woofer with some jazz. I suspect the upright or double bass in the song is just to low. Not a problem with the Heresy's.
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