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  1. Still haven't bought them. They belong to my boss, who is moving, so they are not going anywhere anytime soon.
  2. I grabbed the Schitt Modi 3. So far its ok. Using Amazon Music Hd (90 day free trial) I am able to get 24bit 48kHz from phone usb. Using Firestick and optical out from tv i get 16bit at 48kHz. I think the micro usb is my limit for the phone. Perhaps a tablet with usb-c would get me the full 24/96. Not sure but i can't seem to find any specs on the limitations of audio on fire stick. It seems any wireless streaming device will be limited to dvd quality so i will research a media streamer that uses ethernet. I need one anyway because i have decided to get rid of cable, the bill went up for the last time.
  3. That's what I have seen, people hate them and people like them. These look good and sound great, if for any other reason they will be good to soup up.
  4. I have an opportunity to pick up a very pristine set of Altec Lansing 508's for 100.00. Is this a good deal, I don't need them but for the price I figured why not. The plate says they are made in PA so I think that means they are Sparkomatics, curious if anyone has owned them.
  5. I grabbed a pair of KG 2.5's yesterday. A great deal, they are believed to be aquired when a dealer or warehouse was cleanned out. Tjey are in immaculate condition and sound great. A lot more sound than i expected. They handle everything my Marantz gives them with just a bit of resonance on the woofer with some jazz. I suspect the upright or double bass in the song is just to low. Not a problem with the Heresy's.
  6. I see those are discontinued, is the RP family pretty much the same thing?
  7. Im sure they are less elsewhere but are they really the same?
  8. Well new from Cruthfield they are 2k so i guess its a bargin.
  9. I am very jbl ignorant, i've been looking at them and know there are lots out there. I have only listened to a set of l100 but i don't even know the specifics about that set except they were expensive. I am just starting the kmowledge journey on jbl speakers. The 4300 models and l100 are very appealing to me but not sure why l100 are considered bookshelf.
  10. Thank You everyone. The KG1.2 and 1.5 and the JBL 4301's are what I want to check out.
  11. I agree. I want to find some smaller speakers that will sound good with this amp.
  12. Hi all I just aquired my first Marantz, a 2252B. For opinion purposes, how does anyone feel about driving either jbl type studio monitors or book shelf speakers with thus amp. Is this too much amp? I have a small living room and would like to run smaller speakers and use my Heresy's in my music room where i havemore space. Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.
  13. Depends on what you need to do. Are you converting my to way or the other direction? Either way Audacity will do it but you will have to get plugins such as lame but that's easy to do and audacity WI'll point you where you need to go
  14. I have a place in Ann Arbor that has the RP-160's in stock so I'll have to give them a listen this weekend.
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