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  1. No Affiliation Marketplace - Klipsch Quartet Speakers | Facebook
  2. They are powder coated copper. I was going to build boxes and finish them in piano black. Moving to a smaller place now, so downsizing. Local pickup in Minneapolis / St Paul area. Photos files are too large to post
  3. blair234me


    These were removed from a house I bought a couple years ago when they remodeled the family room. All appear to work. Pics won’t load, but it’s (3) R-3650C and (2) R-3650W
  4. A used set is fine as long as it's functional. Thanks
  5. I need a complete set. Thank you
  6. I am rebuilding a pair of Heresy II. If you have crossovers for sale, please let me know. Thank you
  7. Hi Blake, I'll be back in Hastings, MN in a week. Do you have any more remaining? Thanks, Bryon
  8. Hi, I'm looking for one Crites A/4500 crossover. Maybe somebody has a spare... Thanks, Bryon
  9. Hi Dave, Do you any wooden sets for sale? thank you
  10. Is this still available? I'm in Hastings, MN
  11. Hi, I’m looking for mid range horns to finish my Heresy I project. thank you
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