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  1. blair234me


    12 hours round trip...
  2. Are these still available? And will you ship? thanks
  3. Does anybody know a speaker cabinet builder that will build Forte II cabinets? Or, do you know anybody selling some? thanks
  4. How much for the Forte II if I purchase the Chorus II speakers? Less than a 4 hour drive for me. thanks
  5. Seriously considering a road trip for this..
  6. Hi, I’m still relatively new to Klipsch. Is $750 a good price for Forte II speakers in excellent condition? thanks for any advice
  7. https://minneapolis.craigslist.org/dak/ele/d/saint-paul-for-sale-klipsch-cornwall/7149580536.html
  8. I think that price is a bargain actually. The craftsmanship is excellent. Good luck with your sale.
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