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  1. I don't doubt it, and it's hard not to overindulge a little with these now that they're dialed in. They just do loud so well, especially moving from the JBL to the B&C, has a smoother top end I find at high volume. House plans for 2023 has a listening room designed into it, that's when I'll subject myself to some DIY MWM's.
  2. It's measurable but you really only hear it without the EQ in the "I can listen to one song before OSHA shows up and shoves plugs in my ears" volume levels.
  3. Little update to these guys, I have tried a few different measurements and settings and enjoyed most of them. However the settings I'm settled on lately that sound the best to my ear are fairly simple. They're the LS bass bin EQ settings that Roy released ages ago for use with the K69-A and K510 but with the 148Hz resonance mitigation moved to 174Hz and tamed a little as the 1" bass bin walls resonate a little higher and a little less aggressively. For the HF horn I'm simply using the three PEQ settings specified in the Klipsch Cinema Active settings document for the KPT-904-HF along with a lo-shelf to bring down the sub-2kHz response by 6dB and a hi-shelf to boost over 13kHz by 13dB. Measurements to come, but honestly, if they don't measure flat, the curve is what my ears like.
  4. Bump - Still available for anyone out there looking to enter into the world of two way horns, or three ways with a super tweeter.
  5. I'd love to have the opportunity to give the higher end JBL Synthesis stuff a try but there is zero used market in Canada and they are scary money for something I've never listened to before. From what I gather they're huge in Asian markets being used in the home instead of pro environments, in North America it seems pretty studio centric.
  6. To anyone interested, I have an ad up in the garage sale section for the old k510 clones and JBL drivers. Willing to ship to either Canada or the US.
  7. No worries at all! Was good to get an idea what shipping to the US would cost.
  8. So crazy it just might work, I'm over in PEI but shipping is easy in the great white north, it's the border nonsense that usually kills getting interesting things.
  9. Is it true the Xilica XP series are discontinued? I've been enjoying my Ashly Protea but "upgrade-itis" or even "sidegrade-itis" is digging its claws in and I would like a bit more flexibility along with the ability to create files on my computer (my protea is a slightly older 3.24cl which was pre-USB interface). I also don't want to spend a fortune but used XP2040/3060/4080's don't seem to come up for sale in Canada very often. Wondering where people are sourcing their Xilicas basically.
  10. $130USD for UPS Worldwide Expedited (cheaper for saver but expedited includes their basic brokerage service so less likely to get screwed at the border.)
  11. Selling together, no interest at this time in splitting up. The horns are the ebay clones of K510's and included are some photos of them beside new k510's with mumps. They're slightly heavier and thicker than the real ones and are very (surprisingly) well made. The 2446h drivers have zero issues and I was using them up until recently in a two way setup with an LS bass bin clone, original titanium diaphragms. Hardware to attach the JBL to the K510 is a little tricky as two of the mounting holes can be tough to get to with the larger diameter bolts used in the JBL horns than the B&C ones Klipsch uses. I was running them with two out of four bolts holding them on with no issue (will include these bolts), getting shorter bolts and getting them in is possible, just never felt the need. Below are photos as well as a response measurement of the JBL 2446h vs the Klipsch K691 driver for comparative purposes. Will happily ship within Canada, could potentially be convinced to ship to the US for an enthusiastic buyer. Buyer pays shipping. Horns and drivers will be shipped in separate packages for the safety of the horns, drivers are approx 33lbs each. -$550 (Canadian, so...~$450 USD)
  12. This is tragic! I would absolutely try to fix them if I was even in the same country.
  13. That mid horn uses a 12" woofer with an 8" opening, KPT-XII and relatively rare, the HF horn is first gen K510 before the mumps, pretty certain those came with the P-audio sourced K-69-A drivers but I may be mistaken.
  14. I think "daydreamed" is a more accurate descriptor than "thought". They're amazing drivers but like 001 said, close to $3k when all is said and done is out of my budget for now.
  15. Have a set of '81 HBR H1's which were pretty rough looking when I picked them up. Made new rear panels with 5-way posts, re-sealed them, new midrange horn gaskets and a new veneer using white oak. Also threw some solid maple risers together to finish the look. Oh and rebuilt Type-E crossovers since I had all the parts laying around and selling the originals paid for the veneer.
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