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  1. Sorry, there was no fix. The Klipsch design for speakers is world class. The Klipsch design for subs is just s losing proposition. I had one and nothing I could do, room placement, tuning, etc could improve it, it just sucked, Hard. I have all CHT 18 inch subs, some of the ugliest subs ever...but boy oh boy do they perform. It is night and day. It is like comparing a Klisochorn to Bose. When you listen to some properly tuned and placed real subs...made by people who specialize in subs (SVS, HSU, etc.) you will never go back. I am sorry, that is probably not what you want other but the Klipsch are just a bad sub design from the get go. The good news is that they carry the Klipsch name, and in my experience anything with the Klipsch name is easy to sell.
  2. After 15 years into this hobby I have come out with the following truism: It is better to pour as much money as you can into a basic set up (3 speaker front stage, 2 speaker rears/surrounds) than into a multi speaker (7, 9, Atmos etc) system. For example I have 2 RF 7's up fronts with an rc 64 center and RF 82's as surrounds/rears. If I could have afforded it, I would have gotten Klipshorns. Lets say I bought new and spent $7k total on my speakers. I posit that spending $7k and getting he best 5 speakers I could produces a better HT experience than spending the same amount of a 7, 9, or Atmos system. Also, I always have the opportunity of going bigger, and will have a great set up to move on from. And of course, my philosophy to to get the best speakers you can afford, and then figuring out your AVR (and possible need for an eternal amp....you do not need one w/ my 5 speakers) later. IE empty the bank on your speakers and then saving up for your other components I am just a dumb guy, but I believe that putting all your money into your basic 5 is the way to go. And of course you can still go big (2 or even 4) on your subs. Am I right, or am I wrong?
  3. Harvey separated out the horns. https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.istockphoto.com%2Fphotos%2Fsubwoofers-in-trunk&psig=AOvVaw06aflHsU-sHFpE_JytyQW5&ust=1647204382690000&source=images&cd=vfe&ved=0CAsQjRxqFwoTCIiy8tK4wfYCFQAAAAAdAAAAABAF
  4. Actually, Harvey Klipsch is the guy who fit the RF 7's into my car. Very talented, LOL.
  5. It should be noted that someone bumped a nearly 20 year old thread.....and the huge take-away is the same answer: They are simply fantastic speakers, plain and simple. You may see debates from "audiophiles" on forums like AVS who claim Klipsch are overrated, but those arguments are almost never from someone who owns hi end Klipsch speakers (the stuff made in China is a different story). Whenever there is a debate over something being overrated, it is usually a sign that that something is pretty darn good. Klipsch are widely loved for a reason. In my car, I have more modern RF 7's and doubt I will ever upgrade, as I'm very satisfied with what I have. Not only are the speakers great performers, but they require hardly any power, in my case I was able to power mine with just an SVR after my overhyped Emotiva amp crapped out after 6 years.
  6. The question is not do I need a sub, the question is how many. Not that AVS is gospel, but the consensus over there seems to be that you get distinct benefits from every sub up to 4. Having heard SVS (admittedly a long time ago) and Klipsch subs, there is no comparison, SVS are far, far superior. Partly that is because Klipsch subs are terrible. I compared the SVS and ended up buying 18 inch CHT subs (6 of them) 6 was overkill and now I am down to only 2, but will ultimately have 4 when I get a new amp. But yeah, get your sub from a company that specializes in subs, like SVS or HSU. You can't go wrong getting 2-4 subs, IMO, and this definitely applies to Heresy owners.
  7. There are a host of forces driving extraordinary amounts of inflation, Covid (still) shipping, some say flooding the market with massive Covid payments, and most of all, people simply allowing themselves to be charged more for everything. My amp on my 9.2 system went, and because of inflation I decided to sell 4 of my speakers, run my remaining 5 off my AVR. I think more consumers need to start saying no to higher prices.
  8. This thread is still surprising to me, as I did not think RF 7's are in the same league. This is all good, as I own a pair, LOL. I knew I liked hem for a reason.
  9. I was always under the impression that traditional Klipschorn speakers always had an edge, especially for music, to anything in the reference line, including the flagship RF 7s and rc 64. However I have been reading some reviews where people preferred the RF 7s. Am I reading things correctly? How do the more modern RF 7s compared to the classic speakers?
  10. I am not familiar with those...AVS forum has some good info on subs (although the mods are a bit tyrannical). They are running ads on SVS, which was good back when I was in the market....also HSU.
  11. I picked my subs 12 years ago, but back then SVS were really good. I opted to go another route because I got more bang for buck, but I nearly went with the SVS. I ended up with 6 18 inch CHT (Chase Home Theater) subs (I know overkill). These subs are extraordinary performers, but ugly. I have 2 CHT.2 which are 2 18 inch subs in one box powered by a Dayton SA amp. I also have 2 separate (separate enclosures) 18 inch subs (CHT.1) that I would be willing to sell cheap. You will need to get a new Dayton amp, and WAF is low but these will shatter your windows and go lower then pretty much any other sub. EDIT: The HSU are also very highly regarded. Over on AVS they had a bunch or head to head sub shoot outs, you might want to research them.
  12. I love love love Klipsch speakers....but their subs are terrible.
  13. Oh the irony! I just sold a pair of RF 82's (for $460). I still have a pair and use them as rear/sides on my 5.1 system (I used to have 2 pair in my old 9.2 configuration). I have RF-7s and an RC 64 up fromt and the 82's are excellent as rears/side. In a similar set up I have them angled inwards a few feet to the side and a couple feet in the back. I take you have your 3rd Heresy as your center...usually that only works with a projector, where did you locate your center channel Heresy, is it behind your TV?. In any event, if you want bang for buck you cannot beat the 82's. A touch sharp for music, but absolutely perfect for HT rear/side stage. Now you just need another sub
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