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  1. Greetings forumites, I have a local buyer for my RF 82's. He has agreed to $450 (they are in excellent shape) however he needs the rear feet, which mine are missing. Does anyone know where I can order replacement feet? Thanks
  2. That is what I thought. I have a relative building a projector set up. will recommend all 3 front speakers match.
  3. I see a lot of people advocating just running one of your main front stage speakers as your center speaker. For example, I have RF 7's up front and would therefore run another RF 7 as my center speaker. These people also advocate tuning it vertically, instead of horizontally like most center speakers. Of course this usually requires a projector screen over a TV. On the other hand, I absolutely love my rc 64 (which sits horizontally above my TV. I did not know about this before I came to this forum, but interesting idea.
  4. One advantage to a projector is you can just run one of your main front speakers (you will need 3 total) behind the screen, instead of the P 404 C Having said that, I absolutely love my rc-64. Dialogue is crystal clear, even at low volume. This keeps the family happy when I watch late at night. Had an Onk and it was great (did a lot for the money) but ran hot and did not last as long as others. Then again I don't mind replacing receivers every 8 years or so.
  5. Nice....I am enjoying the 5.2 off the receiver alone and have some money tied up in other projects, but when the time comes, yeah this looks good. Could I use this to power 2 18 inch subs, or is it best for my front stage?
  6. The main advantage at night, when I can't crank things up, is that the system sounds so much better at low volumes. The dialogue is very clear, whereas before I had to rely on subtitles. If I can get there, early in the evening I can turn it up.
  7. Now that I have the system up and running I remember: My wife and sone go to bed very early I (semi retired) watch at night and don't even turn the sub on, LOL. Bet yeah, from what I have seen on this board, the crown amps are probably worth looking into. I just want something durable.
  8. I had an Onk TX and liked it. They run hot and last less than others. I got about 8 years from mine. Since a receiver does so many things I don't expect more than 10 years from one. It sounds like your space requires either wall mounted speakers, which of course will not match at all w/ your Heresys, or a free standing Reference series like an RF-7.
  9. Someone offered my $400 and I said $450 was my bottom line. I might have gone $425 for a quick and easy sale but no lower. Everything is SOARING in prices right now. Electronics and bikes are insane. The price of 2 bikes I bought (expensive habit) have nearly doubled. Shipping costs are insane. We just bought phones and that was nuts. Even though I am running a 5.2 and the 82s are sitting speakers will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no speakers, LOL.
  10. Everything has become so much more expensive this last year. I am selling (local) a pair of RF-82iis in good shape. Based upon this forum I went with $475 for them. I had an offer of $400, told the guy $450 was my bottom line and did not hear back from him. I looked on eBay and everything was north of $575. I don't have experience w/ the RF-5s (love my RF-7's) but $600 might be the best you can do in this market. Inflation has just been out of control.
  11. Not sure. They are huge, 2 18 inch subs built into one box, one on top, one on the bottom, facing different directions. I have 2 of the. I also have 2 individi=ual 18 inch subs built into separate enclosures. They are Chase Home Theater, a brand that went out of business a while back. One Dayton SA 100- powered 2 18 inch subs (so 3 total amps).
  12. Got it all hookeds up today....This is huge since I am basically retarded when it comes to this sort of thing. 5.1 (well 2, actually as the 1 sub is a dual 18 incher). It is PLENTY for my space. However, 2 of my Dayton amps are dead...are the worth fixing? I am "amp shy" since every amp I get does not last for snit. 2 Daytons crapped out after 5 years and my 1 XPA-5 died after 7 years. Am I being unrealistic in my amp expectation? Gone are the days when I could drop thousands on equipment (I am semi retired). I am powering my front stage (2 RF-7s and and rc 64) and rear stage (2 RF 82's) with my Pioneer elite just fine, but I need to spring for 2 more amps for my subs. Here is how I see it: Good speakers should last forever...and my Klipsch are as good today as they were 10 years ago. A receiver does a lot, so I don't expect more than 8-9 years from one. But shouldn't amps last longer? Dayton and Emotiva may be Chinese garbage, but I still spent $3k on them. I will look into crown. Are they one arm, or an arm and a leg? I really do not understand why amps are so expensive and so crappy. Which crown amp would be good for powering a dual (2 18 inch subs in one box) sub? Anyone remember Chase Home Theater? Ugliest subs ever, but boy do they put out?
  13. I gotta know....why was Parrot banned?
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