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  1. I'm about to open myself up to some abuse here, but...........

    My wife and I subscribe to the 'Broadway Across Canada' series and have attended a number of musicals at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa. One musical that seems to return year-after-year is 'Mama Mia'. I quit going to this one as the last time we attended the performance, the drums seemed to overpower all the other instruments, as well as the vocals. I believe that they were using an electronic drum kit (but I could be mistaken).

    The concert sound techs should be paying closer attention to the sound. When you pay a hefty price to see a performance, the sound should be nothing short of great,

    Now I will climb off my soapbox.....rant over.


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  2. I have an opportunity to upgrade from my RF-3II to a pair of RF-5 speakers. The specs are not so different (but I know specs don't tell the whole story), but has anyone had a chance to compare these side-by-side? If I sell the RF-3s and buy the RF-5s, the cost difference would be around $300.

    I use mine in the living room for low volume background listening (mostly classical, jazz, blues).

    All suggestions and comments are appreciated.



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  3. You are close.....

    Bose is successful because they have managed to convince people of what they want, and then they fill the need. There are many people who are convinced that Bose is the best, without ever doing any critical listening. (here I am preaching to the choir again....)


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  4. well i am not using my rear surrounds so i may give it a whirl


    If I am understanding this correctly, you will be feeding 1/2 of your speaker from the front channel and 1/2 from the rear surrounds? Two very diffenent audio signals. I strongly suspect you will be very dissappointed. Very little information is goes to the rear surround speakers, and it is not the same audio information going to your front speakers. I don't think you will be happy.


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  5. I have some reference series (RF-3II, RC-52) heritage (cornwalls and herseys) and a couple of KG series that I enjoy.

    I went with a friend the other night to look at some Synergy for home theatre. We checked out the F1 floorstanders at Best Buy, and we were both exteamely disappointed. There as no bass response. We went to check out the reference line at Audiotronic and there was no comparison. I will admit that the synergies were not set up for the best audition, but neither were the other speakers next to them, and most of them sounded way better.

    BTW, he plans on buying the reference.

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  6. Personally, I am glad that the Klipsch name is getting out there. Nothing worse than having to visit somebody and all they know about are Bose systems....

    For those unaware, Future Shop was a Canadian operation bought out by Best Buy a few years ago. In the larger cities, they often have stores in very close proximity to create the illusion of competition. If you go to Best Buy, might as well check out Future Shop. Chances are you will buy at one or the other.

    Future Shop uses a commision system for paying the sales people. Best Buy does not. On Merivale Road here in Ottawa, the 2 stores are side-by-side. I find Best Buy better laided out and organized. I usually go to Best Buy first, and if I can't find what I want, then I will perhaps go to Future Shop.

    I noticed that the list prices for the Klipsch speakers at Future Shop are higher that other sellers. I suspect that this will allow them to post "great discounts" when they drop the price to match eveyone else's regular retail pricing.

    Just need to have a minor rant and vent.

    Doug Kennedy

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  7. I saw Lindsey open up for Tina Turner over a dozen years ago in Ottawa.

    He came onto the stage precisely at 7 pm (advertised concert start time), played 2 accoustic performances, and then brought out his band. By the time he was finished, I felt that I had my money's worth. He was absolutely amazing. By far, the best opening act I have ever witnessed.


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  8. Tom,

    You are truly evil.

    Now for revenge.............."my baby takes the morning train, he works from 9 to 5 and then, he takes another home at night"..........

    Sheena Easton......my litle sister played this song constantly, my dad hated it, but I had a good laugh when I was home visiting and caught my dad singing it in the kitchen (thinking he was alone).

    Great memories

    Thanks Tom!!


  9. Hi Falcon,

    Go for the best - the Bose Lifestyle............

    Now that I managed to rattle some chains.........

    You might want to consider a 2-channel system to start with RF-7s. Everything I have heard about these is excellent. I have not had the opportunity to hear them myself, but I do have a pair of RF-3II and Cornwalls and Heresys.

    You could then upgrade later, knowing you have a fantastic pair of front speakers to start with.

    Just my $0.02

    Good luck,


  10. Too funny.....

    Looks like the moderator has hijacked this thread!!

    Zoolander is one of those movies that you love or hate. No real redeaming qualities, but great entertainment if you don't mind stupid movies once-in-a-while.

    I love the coal-mining scene, and the bar scene afterwards.

    The massage scene is hilarious.

    Enough said.....

    Shame on you, Amy.


  11. Also, a lot depends on how you are paying. If you are financing thru the dealer, they tend not to offer discounts (especially if they are offering a good interest rate). Credit cards have fees attached. Cash tends to work best. I usually make on offer with taxes included. A discount of 20% is not unreasonable.

    Good luck.

  12. Hi,

    I had 2 pairs of T-40(?) and sold them to my sister when I upgraded. She is still very happy with the speakers. I was also happy.

    They are a great introduction to horns and Klipsch and a favourable price.

    You can do a lot worse than the tangent line. (Bo$e for example).


  13. I have 4 of the small ones on my couch, and 1 each of the larger units on my recliners. Make sure they are attached to the frame. I tried tie-wrapping to the spings under the seat, and it was just too much. They are only 4-ohms each, so keep that in mind. The ones on my couch are paired in series.

    I am feeding my subwoofer output to an older kenwood integratred amp so that I can control the volume independent of my HT receiver.

    Good luck.


  14. When my wife and I were planning our wedding, the band we hired promised they would have the song we wanted for the first dance (something by Lionel Ritchie). At the reception, with 5 minutes before the first dance, we were informed that they did not know the song. In desperation we asked what songs did they know.

    As a result, we danced to Stevie Wonder's "I just called to say I love you".

    We are still together after 20 years, but I absolutely HATE that song. My wife doesn't like it either.

    Any time we hear it, we laugh, knowing that we are perhaps the only 2 people to dance as man and wife for the first time to a song we hate.


  15. Had a chance to listen to this a few times. If you like the first or second TSO Christmas albums, you will also like this one. They say that this is the third of the trilogy. Good head-banging on Christmas Jam.

    If you are looking for a departure from the first 2 albums, you ain't gonna find it on this one.


  16. For those Trans-Siberian Orchastra fans, their new Christmas album was released on Oct 12. The title is The Lost Christmas.

    I will be picking this up today and will post a review early next week.


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