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  1. This question has come up from time to time. Although I have never tried this, one suggestion is to place the record between 2 sheets of tempered glass (13 x 13), preheat the oven to about 250(?) degrees, turn the oven off, place the record and glass in the oven, and allow the oven to cool on its own, then carefully remove the record.

    Before you try this, you may want to search on this website to verify what I have said. The last thing you want is a vinyl sandwich (tastes terrible).

    Good luck and let us know how it turns out.


  2. I have a Technics pro-logic receiver, the SA-AX6, that allows you to bi-wire. There is a control for either A or B speakers and a switch that changes the configuration for bi-wire. On the side, there is a bi-level balance control for LF-HF. This reciever was produced in the late 90's and was "digital ready" with inputs for a digital processor.

    I am running RF-3IIs in the bi-wire mode and I am very happy


  3. Hope somebody can make a suggestion here...

    The SA-AX6 has a subwoofer output that has a level control and a cut-off frequency control on the front panel of the receiver. If I want to use the receiver to control the sub, what should I have the controls on the subwoofer set to? Max volume and highest cut-off, mid points?



  4. I picked up my first pair for $400 CDN, and about a year later found another pair in a pawn shop for $250 CDN. Not a bad speaker for the money. I have since upgraded to Hereseys and my sister has the T40s (and is very happy).

    The ADS is also a very nice speaker, but check out the foam around the woofers.

    Good Luck,


  5. Got them home on Friday. Hooked them up (could not place in corners yet) on either side of the fireplace. Disconnected the RF3IIs temporarily, and they sound amazing. My wife likes the looks of them, and prefers them over the RFs sound-wise. They totally exceeded my expectations.

    My next project is to revamp a room in the basement that will house these little beauties in a dedicated 2-channel listening environment. Should be able to happen in the next couple of months. In the mean time, I have to place them in storage.

    The sound is so smooth, that it is hard to believe that these are approx. 40 years old. I guess quality is quality.


  6. Looks like I picked-up a new-to-me pair of speakers. This is the main text of the advertisement. Does anyone have any experinece with these speakers? Any information?

    I live in Ottawa and have agreed to meet the seller half-way to pick them up on Friday.

    Looking forward to the weekend!!!



    I have for sale a pair of original Electro-Vvoice Aristocrat compact corner-horns (restored). These speakers were designed by Paul W. Klipsch for high end home audio.

    They are finished in a deep Bombay mahogany red colour and have the original metal decorative grids.

    Inside is a pair of the famous EV SP12B fullrange 12" drivers. I have upgraded the original tweeters (t-35) to Heil Air Motion Transformers (with 1st order x-over) for sweeter and more detailed high frequencies.

    The efficiency of these speakers is around 96dB. This makes them a perfect match for Single-ended amps (I use a 1.8 watts Decware Zen and can drive them very loud).

    I am letting them go for 450$ (firm). Pick up in Montreal preferred, but I could deliver them within a reasonable distance.

  7. I guess I'm the odd man out. Watched it twice this weekend and enjoyed the movie both times. Obviously not to be taken seriously. I found it entertaining.

    I found the sound was good and lots of action.

    I have seen better, but have also seen much worse. (eg The Musketeer, T3)


  8. Mike,

    I am hoping to watch again on the weekend in 2-channel mode, and check out certain selections in all 3 modes. I will post the results later.


    PS. To all my American friends, have a good Thanksgiving. We Canadians enjoyed ours early in October.

  9. Arrived yesterday. Wife and I watched most of it last night. Good stuff. I started by setting up DTS, but found the sound too piercing, switched over to Dolby 5.1 and we both agreed it sounded smoother. Next time will try 2-channel.

    My wife prefered Secret World Live over this concert, but still liked it.

    Has anyone else found the DTS to be too much? I am using a HK 120, 3 cornwalls on the front and KG2.5s for the rears.



    Watched the DVD last night and was disappointed. Not that great of a story line. Effects and sound were good, but T2 is definitely much better.

    Just my $0.02


  10. I have to agree that The Kids are Alright is a must have. We have had copies on beta and vhs over the years. The vhs version was poor video and sound quality.

    The dvd has solved those problems. The bonus material is worth watching as well.


  11. C'mon guys.....

    SACD, DVD-A, whatever......no where on this site have I heard of the virtues and praises for the 8-track system.

    Every time I see one at a flea-market, I tell my wife that 8-tracks will make a come-back and I want to be ready for it.

    Actually, my first system had an 8-track record deck. Scarry!


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