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  1. i volunteer to be a test bed of trying forum labels. i prefer "forum idiot" as i can't seem to correctly use the "shift" key. -forum idiot
  2. hallwalker i am trying that rice pudding tonight...just is taking FOREVER to wash the rice, there are so many grains to wash and the toothbrush i am using is causing cramps in my fingers. i am also running out of space on the countertop to let them dry, any suggestions to make this faster? ugh
  3. didn't think about that...so used to plentiful dealers. i hate to say this, but if i were in the same situation, i would go with the lesser speaker that had great service/parts. wow, 1000km is a long way, and if they are playing games with parts/warranty, it makes a tough choice on you. do you go w/the better speaker and higher risk? or take the lesser speaker with security. i mean either way, you are getting a good speaker but your ears are what matters. good luck with those shady "dealers"
  4. yep, always ask for stuff in writing. if it is store policy, it is written down somewhere. keeps you from getting burned. in reality, how many speakers do you know of that break after 6 months? kinda like trying to buy a warranty on a kitchen table---as long as you don't abuse it, it will last a reeeeal long time. if it is bad, probably will show within the first week or so.(assuming that it is just a passive speaker)
  5. hmmm, i have been thinking about bi-spooning my pudding and jello. anyone else do this? what kind of improvements do you see? also, should i be using a plastic (shielded) spoon or is plain old, oxygen free metal spoon ok? thanks again for the great advice!!!!
  6. i am actually selling my baby...she has only minor scratches and has never been in a major accident (that i was sober enough to remember) pm me if you have an offer
  7. yup, the wood on this is really nice looking, but overall i have to agree with proj....this looks like what i imagine coming out of a white van. please don't ban me for that comment... i think there is a sort of refined beauty in the 7's but the trend in speaker making is like the fashion industry, so i guess it will make for good marketing and higher waf in the long run
  8. you can't....once you double post, you can only edit it and say "double post" i would biwire just cause it is there...would make me feel better at least.
  9. wooo-weee! that shure is a good lookin' k-horn! i am counting my pennies now, i think this might be serial number 4...it would complete my set!!! oh rejoice that i have found such a bargain!!! DON'T BID ON THIS!!!
  10. yep, the ring 2 is coming... http://movies.yahoo.com/shop?d=hp&cf=prev&id=1808510182 looks like in november of this year. i like movies that disturb and bother me...don't know why, doesn't make me feel good about going out in the back yard at night to investigate a noise...i think it is the thrill of being disturbed. the movie "signs" with mel gibson (specifically the...woo just got chillbumps...scene with the thing on the neighbors roof...ugh, more full body chillbumps...ok going to bed without looking out any windows now creepy
  11. mitch, well i just set up the guest bathroom today and both cats are responding well. they ar using a much smaller litter box that is set on top of the toilet. i bought a kiddie potty training seat that will fit down in the toilet. it even has a small bowl to hold the litter!! that was my problem years ago, they couldn't go to the bathromm without standing in the litter. lots of lost litter when the cling wrap broke and falls into toilet hopefully this potty seat will solve that problem as it is too small to sit in, but yet enough to put some litter in...then reduce to nothing...then remove bowl...then remove seat. it looks promising, they both have used the setup tonight
  12. yep, outdoor cats tend to have a bit shorter lives than the indoor kitties, it is all a matter of being exposed to disease, hazards, animals, fights etc. still, outdoor cats usually live past 3 yrs...unless you live beside a highway the pics of the cats in the sink are funny...i thought my cat was the only one who has made claim to the "sink bed" also with the cats watching the toilet flush, my other kitty does the same (he has some sort of water fetish) but hates baths. i will have to try to snap some photos too. i am going to train my cats to use the toilet starting this week i tried a years ago, but i had to go to the field (army) for about 8 weeks and my wife would have none of the messy process i hate kitty litter so i am attempting toilet training part 2...part one was a sure success but again, lack of spousal support shut down all training operations.
  13. 6, you may be safe, that screen is pretty small...might only be able to give you a really bad fingernail scratch... but those can get pretty infected...her nails do look pretty dirty too. if you carry your palm in your pocket, just make sure it faces away from your body...
  14. agree w/the water temp stabilization another big thing is sloshing the fish around...fish don't do well when sloshing back and forth. my neighbor said she has killed numerous fish in cars (coolers and bags) that way, so be careful!
  15. F=ma can't cheat the laws part of that recoil powers the ejection mech and is buffered also. still 2 tubine engines even at modest thrust could not be overcome by the sum of the forces (in the reverse direction of flight) from a sustained firing. show me the training manual that warns of firing causing flight instability and i will quietly eat my crow pie...until then, hold the mayo on my whopper please.
  16. ha ha ha t, i was just going to leave that one alone, maybe he was thinking of the experimental a10 warthog that mounted a 16" iowa class chain gun on it's belly...i think it had eight 16 inchers mounted in an array...??? had problems with weight and balance along with flight stability during firing
  17. woo-hoo war-stories! in the turret of my m1a1d, with hatches closed, when i gave the command to fire i could look down out of the commander's sights and watch the floor after the 120mm main gun fired and see a "sea" of blue flame that covered the turret floor for a brief second or two then disappear. stuff like that will ignite any main gun rounds that are exposed (that is why the loaders stopped keeping a round in their lap) ...can cause the loader to become a crispy critter...happened just a couple of years ago at a gunnery exercise in texas, stupid decision by that tank commander to kill his loader just to shave off a couple of seconds on the engagement
  18. it was the way she moved...still kinda bothers me. that slow...waaayy too fast...then slow... scary...if my tv ever turned on by itself when home alone..i may wet myself.
  19. or you could do what i do....never listen to the RF-7's!!! i bought the RF3-II full set b/c i liked the sound better than the 5's but the big 7's were in the other "listening room" and i didn't dare listen to them...i enjoy my 3's and like the possible ignorance that i am living in. my svs gives me all the bass i need. that is one upgrade that puts a hurtin' on your wallet, so for now, i am happy with my setup. (even the khorns too! ha ha)
  20. mine is in the wall, i tell myself that the built in fuse will protect against anything bad....but i unplug everything in electrical storms anyway.
  21. joshua, pics please! it would be neat to see the real deal. i have a khorn with the serial #2, signed by paul, and even had a missing copy of paul's self written dissertation on his early vision of the "string theory" of the universe..... i think it is somewhere in my garage or basement...hmmm
  22. i am not sure the folks at clean sweep could even make a dent in that... there has to be something against your local town/city codes that outlaw that. i read that whole thread with my mouth fully open. wow, definitly leverage to use w/my wife saying i am a pack rat!!!
  23. yep, drives me nuts. well at least it is only there from the dish...if it were from the dvd, we would be talking replacement tv/dvd. so i try to handle watching "trading spaces" with the blockies every so often....
  24. wheelman, "the blockies" that is the best description that I have heard...exactly what i see in my dish network receiver in certain scenes.
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