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  1. You are welcome Edmund. Just glad you are happy with the purchase. They are meant to be enjoyed...I was unworthy...maybe not enough hair...[]
  2. Thanks to all in this thread who tried to help with my learning curve. I just sold the Custom-2's to a forum member. It's great to keep them in the "family"! [] Brad
  3. Professor Thump and Ben, Thanks for your suggestions and let me apologize for not thanking you sooner for you repective inputs to my question. I've been away from the board for a couple of weeks and used that time to test your suggestions. As big a a Klipsch fan as I am, it looks like in-ear headphones are not for me. LOVE the sound quality of the music, but can't get over the background "thump" (microphonics) every time I move my head. Tried cinching tha cable in multiple posistion, but no dice. For me, the noise is just too distracting. Guess I don't turn up the volume enough to drown it out...[:^)] Well anyway, thanks again. Guess I'll be looking for a new home for my Custom-2s...if anyone here is interested, I'll give forum members the first shot ($125 including shipping to lower 48 states)
  4. J, Thanks for you response. I'm sorry to be such a purist, but based on the reviews, I expected a product that I could listen with and still be able to move my head, or use during a workout at the fitness center while still experiencing the great Klipsch sound. If you experience the same issue perhaps it's design thing with"in-ear" models. The sound quality is great, so I don't think I have a seal problem. Very low lows and high, crisp highs...until I move...[] I wonder if the "microphonics" is an issue with the Image headphones as well? Any other thoughts appreciated...
  5. Just got some new Custom-2's and had very high expectations after reading reviews here and elsewhere. As you can see from my signature below, I love Klipsch and even have some Promedia 2.1's that sound great. Been a little disappointed with the custom-2's so far because of the following issues...so I figure it must be something I am doing wrong...here are the symptoms... When I plug the custom-2's into my laptop or my Sansa Clip MP3 player, they are WAY TOO LOUD. I have to turn down the master volume to one notch above Mute to get to a comfortable sound level. Also, I get a lot of "bump" noise from the headphone wires everytime they brush my clothing, neck, move my head back and forth, etc. I have tried positioning the wires in front and behind my head. No difference.I have reset the equalizer in the MP3 player to it's lowest levels and that only bought me a extra couple of volume bars. I use KMplayer on my laptop to listen to music and watch movies. There doesn't seem to be any equalizer function to tweak there. Most of all, I need to get rid of the "bump" noise from the wires. I own Klipsch speakers because they are clear, clean, and bring a realism not found in other speakers. I was hoping for the same in these headphones. If I am being too picky, let me know. If you can offer any solutions...thanks in advance!
  6. Fotog, When you are ready, look for 2 more KLF-C7's and find something else for the Polk speakers to do. Speaker matching is a differnece you can hear...see my sig below...I wouldn't have it any other way...[] May you experience good travels on your path through the upgrade forest...[]
  7. I used green glue in my 15' x 26' x 9' theater room. It was all I used for sound isolation. No risc clips or "room in a room" or foam tape on the studs. Just a standard 1/2" drywall - green glue - standard 1/2" drywall sandwich. It is great stuff, but IMO you do not need the full coverage as prescribed. I put mine on at a 67% rate and it was plenty. 100% is for guys that need to know they are getting the "ulitmate" performance in sound isolation. No sound leakage in the mid or high frequency range. I suspect that it would also be good enough at 50% for most rooms. Hope that helps. Brad
  8. They sound like a great pair...too bad you aren't closer to Atlanta...[:'(] They would already be sold...to me...[] Most KG 4.5's go for around $200-$250/pair. Because of your med-oak finish you might expect around $300. This probably doesn't sound like much compared to what you paid, but I don't make the prices, Ebay does. I will say that the KG .5 series (5.5, 4.5, 3.5, etc) probably offer the best soundstage (and WAF) per dollar of any speakers under $1000/pair. They are a well kept secret and they don't wear out if treated properly. How do I know? I have owned several pairs of 3.5's and still have a med-oak pair of 3.5's servicing my living room. I don't want to talk you out of anything, but make sure you really want to sell. IMO, you can spend a lot of money to replace them and still not have much of an upgrade. If you've got any pictures, you might post them here. We might be able to help identify the center speaker and you might find someone near you interested in purchasing. Hope this helps...
  9. Welcome to the forum... It would help us help you if you shared more details...stuff like finish, cosmetic and working condition, and specific model of the center channel speaker. Your location and whether or not you have the original cartons for shipping are also important factors. After we know that...then we can help...[]
  10. I'd like first crack at the C7...if you decide to break the set.
  11. I'm a big fan of the HornEd center channel mod (I've done two of them with great results) and appreciated all of the eloquent and humorous postings he made on this forum, but I regret to inform the members and HornEd fans here that according to a Google search (type in lupin+ed dennis), he may not be the grand character that he presented to us on the forum. It seems he is an intelligent and innovative guy that too often gets caught up in his own larger than life scenarios. Sad...[] Be careful as you poke around those links. Lupin is a nudist resort that he was affiliated with. The one link to an interview done with him provides a picture of his face (and more) that you will recognize from his avatar on this forum. Again, sorry to be the bearer of this news. If anyone can come up with an alternate perspective, please share...I wish I had one... Brad
  12. I used a piece of 3/4" MDF. No extra bracing. Very rigid and strong. Just make sure you seal the new motorboard from air leaks with a continous bead of liquid nails. If you have any other questions about the mod, let me know. I've done two of them.
  13. Capa, IMO, you going to have a terriffic setup, but I may be biased (see sig below). [] To answer your questions.. 1) Your room configuration and listening tastes will determine the best outcome here. I personally prefer an all monopole setup as do others on this board, but there are just as many here that would argue the dipole/spray side of the coin. A sitting position that is not against the back wall will work best with monopoles. They need some room to work their best. 2) I did the horizonalization of a KLF-30 for my center with the woofers on each side of the horns. If there is a difference, I can't hear it. The only tip here is to keep the woofers as close as possible to the center of the motorboard. 3) I don't think that a DLP is subject to magnetic distortion. If so, the Klipsch parts dept. proabably has the bucking magnets you need to neutralize the effect. 4) SB-3's will not give you a "voice" match. I would go for C7's unless your listening position is up against the back wall. 5) Don't worry about the horn orientation on the C7, especially on the surrounds. I did extensive listening tests both ways with mine and found no difference. I stand mine on end as you are proposing. Hope this helps.
  14. You're welcome Picky. Glad you enjoyed them. I've gotten so much help on this board over the years. It feels good to give something back.
  15. My custom demo DVD is ready for download. It will take about an hour to download. Just download the AUDIO_TS folder and VIDEO_TS folder. Burn them to a DVD disk and you are good to go. One last legal matter...in order to download and use this demo, you must own the "source material". Pixar's CARS, TOY STORY,etc. I've been told you will then be ok with fair use laws. Email me a request and I will send a link and password. Brad
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