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  1. I mainly eat salmon and not much of other types of fish; it's been a staple in my diet lately. Since I started using https://academized.com/do-my-homework services, I've found myself with much more time to focus on cooking proper meals. Before, balancing my academic workload left me little time to prepare nutritious dishes, but now I can enjoy experimenting in the kitchen.
  2. My both parents would be interested in that, cause they both need to work with the computers, and both are not great with that. Thanks god my mom already knows how to contact updox customer service on the site and she does that every time she needs some assistance.
  3. Love it! It is so important to listen to yourself and complement your mood/state of mind with the right music. I am listening those guys and downloading my writing assignment. I found great guys, decided to visit their page and one week later i have a perfectly done project without spending days and nights working on it.
  4. Incredible shot! As soon as i finish writing my research paper, with the little help from these guys https://academized.com/custom-research-paper, i think i will take a photography course. I always liked to take photos but for some reason never had this feeling where is a better light etc etc etc.
  5. gillrich

    What I Got Today!

    Congrats! Amazing purchase I didn't buy anything that big for the last couple of weeks, just got a gift card from the pc optimum customer service on their site, cause my brother has has 40th birthday this month.
  6. I am just so happy i can hear music again! And birds and all the other noises around me. Last week i had to give my aids to the hearing aid repair for couple of days and that was honestly really challenging for me. I think i am not going to do that mistake again and will always have a plan b in the future.
  7. gillrich

    What I Got Today!

    I've been searching for a t-shirt like this for ages, and I finally found it here. I'm a huge fan and always prefer clothing that holds meaning for me. What kind of t-shirt are you guys looking for but can't seem to find anywhere? What is you favorite t shirt ever?
  8. I also have had tinnitus for about as long as I can remember, at least by about 10 years old when I became aware of it. I was never exposed to any loud noises, and passed every hearing test, except that I was missing one particular frequency. I lived in a very, very quiet place, I assumed, and still think maybe my brain was trying to put sound where sound didn't exist. these days going to try aural rehabilitation and see if that works for me,
  9. I have no idea, to be honest. I just noticed that in some rooms, the connection is worse than in others. I started to do some research and actually found an app which I'm going to download on my iPhone to check the WiFi speed in different locations https://apps.apple.com/us/app/netspot-wifi-map-speed-test/id1490247223?ls=8. I didn't know that something like that even exists.
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