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  1. The system is finally complete. Well for now at least...😈
  2. God just look at it... I so love that Klipsch Black Ash.
  3. The worlds most misunderstood genius.
  4. Taking it back a bit today.
  5. The last sentence said it all for me. Thanks a million!!! Much respect.
  6. Just in...not bad for a Mint Japanese import for under $20.00. Well in my meager opinion anyway.
  7. My Scotch Irish Wife loves him. She gives an official redhead salute.
  8. We did too...much love and sorrow to you and yours....nothing can fill the void...we all know this. Just remember...keep the happy memories...they will always bring a smile.
  9. I'll thank you right now. THANK YOU!!!
  10. Just in case you have any doubts about my love of Rush. This was a Christmas gift to my Wife. Meet Tucker, the best dog that I have ever known. An American Bulldog through and through. He was 14 and a half years old when he went on to eternity. The Garden says it all.
  11. Sorry ..lost control for a second😁.
  12. Progressive Gods!!!
  13. You bet!!! I certainly will!
  14. Well...thus far, even without the "several hour" recommended prime sound first time warmup. I have definitively recommend the Rogue Audio Sphinx V3 Magnum. I have had my Heresy IV's for about one month. Today is the first time that they were allowed to show what they are truly made of. From Brahms to Rush and beyond this amp has made such a difference in my listening experience. For the price what you get cannot be overstated. Color me impressed.
  15. Well played my friend...well played.
  16. Something a bit different.
  17. Just set up. Worth every penny. I highly recommend. Not to mention the billet aluminum remote is a weapon.
  18. I'm a bad boy...just picked up a Rogue Audio Sphinx v3 Magnum Amp. I hope the Wife doesn't kill me. πŸ₯Ί
  19. Lol....would never happen here. In my house the new component would be quickly stuffed up my rear end, and I would be asked..."how does it sound now"? πŸ˜‰
  20. I understand. I mean really...it's very difficult to break away from The Fountain of Lamneth once you get there. πŸ˜‰ After a while I began to wander around. The walk was worth it. The later albums are all fantastic in their own right. I love the fact that they were never afraid to progress. Both with the music and with the technology. It's all done very tastefully. As a matter of fact, Neil stated that he believed that "The Garden" from Clockwork Angels, is in his opinion, the most beautiful song that they ever wrote.
  21. Working on it. I'm playing all of the ones I have through a pair of Heresy IV'S. They sound amazing. I mentioned this in previous posts...I was fortunate enough to meet The Professor twice. As a drummer, it was a thrill of a lifetime. Of course taking eight years worth of lessons from Joe Morello was incredible too, but to meet your hero and have him be exactly as you imagined is the stuff of dreams.
  22. I have all but 4 of the studio albums on Vinyl. Still looking for them at a slightly lower than your first born price range. I'll find them sooner or later.
  23. I don't care if it's scratched on sandpaper. ANY Rush is better than no Rush. πŸ˜‰
  24. Heading to the Hi-Fi shop tomorrow. Lord give me strength!!!
  25. Was really looking at this one. I might go with the Rogue Sphinx V3 instead. I'm going to take one for a test drive on Saturday.
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