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Found 6 results

  1. The wife is tired of my insanity. My Belles are up for sale and so is my DIY subwoofer and amp. The amp is about 3 months old (Crown XLS2002) and the subwoofer box is about the same. The two Dayton HF15 drivers are about a year old. It all works swimmingly and will melt your eyeballs and earholes. I'm asking $500 for everything. The crown amp is $500 new, the drivers are $172 a piece new. If you just want the drivers and the amp I can ditch the box. I'm in Northern CA. Would prefer local pickup but am willing to discuss shipping.
  2. I have a crown itech-4000 for sale. It has 7000 hours on it. It has an issue where it will shut down now and then. If you set the dsp to monitor voltage its all over the place, when it drops below 100 it shuts down. It comes back on by unplugging it a few times. I think it's probably a bad cap? But I really don't know. Perhaps someone here knows about this and would be able to fix it? Its a great sounding amp when it's working. I don't know what it would cost to fix so I'm not really sure what I should be selling it for, i paid $1400 for it about 8 months ago. I guess I'll take offers for now if anyone is interested. Thanks, Mike.
  3. For sale is a KV3 (SN 056796269, bought 5/16/97) that I purchased used four years ago. This center channel speaker is in acceptable physical condition (I received the speaker with the veneer chipped on one side), but still sounds great. We recently moved and the new entertainment center situation no longer allows me to use this particular speaker. Asking $100. Also, I've got some older AV equipment from my dad's collection (he had Klipschorns that we sold, Heresey's that I'm keeping, etc...) that is looking for a good home if anyone is interested. There's a BSR EQ-3000 stereo frequency equalizer, a Crown D60 dual channel amplifier, and a Yamaha K-960 cassette deck. Send me an offer if you're interested in anything. Finally, if anyone has a slim (<6" deep, < 7" tall) center channel they're looking to part with, please let me know. Thanks!
  4. I am dismantling and selling one of my complete systems. This system was bi-amped with an electronic crossover. Everything is in excellent condition and operates flawlessly. Each item will be plus paypal and shipping. I am located in Dallas, Tx. Juicy Music pCats are class A and produce 25wpc. All tubes are original and the amps have had the heat sink mod with no issues. $2,800 lowered price $2,600 Tsakiridis Alexander claas A preamp with 2x12at7 tubes. http://www.6moons.com/audioreviews/tsakiridis/tsakiridis_2.html $1,500 lowered price $1,300 Behringer DCX-2496 Ultradrive Pro with all needed balanced cables $250 lowered price $200 Crown Micro-Tech 2402 amp $450 lowered price $400 If you have any questions send me a PM.
  5. Could someone take the time to explain to me the differences between these three amps. From what I have read on line the wattage is about the same, and the topology is about the same as well. I am not throwing the D75a in the mix as it does state more power output. All so what kind of mods can be or should be or updates should be done. Thanks
  6. For sale... Crown XTI 1000... $215 cash or $225 through PayPal (plus shipping)... Willing to ship (from Zip Code 75052 to the CONUS 48 only) through FedEx Ground... It is also available for local pickup in the DFW metroplex... I bought this amp a few years ago through the forum and I am the second owner. I had planned to use it for a subwoofer project, but that never materialized after I picked up a couple of SVS subs locally. Based on my discussions with the original owner and my own use, it probably has less than 100 hours on it total. Although I never used it with a subwoofer, I have played with it a bit, driving a pair of KLF-20's. These are really nice little amps and the built in electronic crossovers/filters provide a lot of flexibility. Unfortunately it has been sitting unused, and boxed up, for over a year... and I no longer have any use for it. The amp is like new, with no scratches or other issues. I have the original Crown box, foam inserts, etc. The original owner shipped it to me with no problems and I would ship it in the original box as well. It was, and will be, very well protected. If anyone would like to see photos or has any questions, I'd be happy to reply here via post or PM, or I can contact you via email... Thanks, Tony
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