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Found 12 results

  1. Can I get some recommendations for an AVR for my RF-82s?
  2. Hi All, I am planning to upgrade from 5.1 to 7.2 When i initially purchased my setup I got a sweet deal on a Klispch gear, so all my speakers are Klipsch. I am using an Onkyo-NR-709 2 x RF-82, 2 x RS42 & RC62 Klipsch SW-112 Do I need to get the same sub to the one I already have? Klipsch SW-112 If not what would you recommend in the used or the new? I would also be looking to add 2 more speakers. What would you recommend in the used or the new? Thanks you
  3. I was wondering what everyone’s opinions are on the rf-82 ii as compared to the older Icon vf-36. I was offered to be gifted the Icons which I don’t know much about, but I instead wanted and purchased the rf-82 ii’s For $400 out the door. Everyone’s thoughts are much appreciated.
  4. I'm planning to buy Klipsch RF-82 II & Yamaha A-S801 but I'm concerned about their compatibility. I watched some videos where it is recommended to buy an integrated amp with at least 50% more power than speakers' power. According to this advice, these two are not compatible. RF-82 II's power is 150W where A-S801 sends 100W per channel. But there are issues about sensitivity too. So can anyone tell me if Yamaha A-S801 is going to be enough for RF-82 II? Thank you in advance. Cem A-S801 specs: http://usa.yamaha.com/products/audio-visual/hifi-components/amps/a-s801/ RF-82 II specs: http://images.klipsch.com/RF82II_635042119237310000.pdf
  5. Hello. New to the forum. Looked around a bit but didn't see exactly what I was looking for so new post. I'm a music guy and listen mostly to rock. Trying to decide between a pair of used Heresy I/IIs or for about the same money a set of new RF-82s. I'm running a B&K AVR507 receiver. Yes, I know its a HT receiver but at the time I bought it thats what I was doing. I just keep it because these days I can't afford to replace it with something that would be as nice. I just run it in stereo mode. On one hand I might think a 3 way would be better for music, but what do I know? :-) Anyway, any feedback on which speakers might be best for what I would use them for is appreciated.
  6. Hi there, Not sure if this subject has been covered, but trying to go through 1000+ topics and nothing's coming up on search. I have the following for my setup: RF-82 (Front) - 33Hz - 23kHz +/- 3dB RC-52 (Centre) - 67Hz - 23kHz +/- 3dB RS-52 (Surround) - 62Hz - 23kHz +/- 3dB Klipsch SW110 sub. Yamaha RXV-675 for my receiver. I've been trying to figure out the right crossover frequency for my setup and I'm just a little lost/confused. The THX guide recommends 80Hz as the general setting if you have a receiver that allows you to only setup Large/Small speakers, however... from what I've been reading and if I understand it correctly, my fronts are rated for 40Hz, my Centre and Surround are rated for 80Hz (since I can't select 70, 80 is next). I've also read that a better choice is to set to set the front speakers as Large instead of Small and do LFE + Front but at 90HZ. This would ensure that all speakers are pushing out just the right frequencies and all the good stuff goes to the front and sub for clean sound. It looks like because of the wide gap of the front and all other speakers that a receiver that lets you configure the crossover individually would work best, but that's not an option now, so striking the right balance is what I can go for. YPAO is useless lol I like doing my configuration manually; measure the distance of speakers and configure levels with a SPL meter. I'm just trying to figure out what the RIGHT crossover frequency is for this setup so it kicks butt. Sounds are either too much bass and possibly overlap the other sounds (sub configured for bypass by turning the low-pass filter at max and controlling crossover on AVR) which is why I have a hard time making out dialogue and surround effects. I've kind of compensated for this by raising the level in the center channel on the receiver and doing the same for sides. When I turn up the crossover I get too little bass and know I'm missing out on what these speakers can do. I also can't tell the difference between regular DTS and DTS-MA... my receiver supports both so content is not the issue. Just looking for what Klipsch can say about this and others so I can gauge what others who have the same issue are doing. Maybe I'm needing more tinkering around...
  7. Hi, I have just bought a pair of brand new RF-82 Mk1. (My first Klipsch ever, in fact ) They are on sale in my country, for about 600USD (pair). Just for pricereference the RP-280F Premiere speakers cost 1500USD (pair) and the R-28F cost 1200USD (pair). For the price given in my country, I think it is a quite fair deal? If so, I would like to build a 5.1.2 Atmos system with the RF-82 Mk1 as main speakers. I am on a lookout for a matching center. Which one could you recommend for me? I can buy: R-25C, RP-250C, RP-440C - in my country that are within my budget. The same for matching subwoofer and surrounds? My HT room is 13 x 18 feet. I am also looking for a suitable surround receiver with Atmos. I have looked at Marantz SR6010 or Denon AVR-X3200W Hope that you can help me in the right directions. Best regards
  8. ***SOLD*** I am selling my beloved pair of cherry Klipsch RB-75s. They are in very good condition and sound amazing (of course). The woofers have no dents or scratches and the magnetic screens are in great shape. The only real flaw is that one of them has a small dent on the back, top right hand corner due to moving (...I was pissed). But I have tried to take a very close picture of that to show it. Here is an imgur link with some quick picks before I boxed them up about 2 weeks ago. Oh yea I have the original Klipsch boxes too. http://imgur.com/a/n2CEZ CL post for RB-75s http://phoenix.craigslist.org/nph/ele/5379499052.html !!UPDATED!!: Special Klipsch forum price: $600 -- SOLD I am also selling a pair of black RF-82s. These are in great shape too. Screens are all intact and no real damage to speak of. I'm guessing these were B stock originally though because near the back bottom on one you can see some non-uniform coloring in the paint. Not like it matters but just mentioning it to be as honest as I can be. -- SOLD SOLD -- CL post for RF-82s -- SOLD http://phoenix.craigslist.org/nph/ele/5281143005.html I'm not super interested in shipping these but I suppose if the buyer wants to pay for it and is interested enough I could do it.
  9. New to Klipsch and home theater in general. I was advised to post a WTB here Want to buy RF-62 or RF-82 5.0 home theater setup for around $700. Would like 62s or 82s tower with matching center and surrounds. For those scouring craigslist, I'm in Kansas City but am willing to drive ~5 hours (which includes Oklahoma City, St. Louis, Omaha, Des Moines) EDIT: I picked up the RS-42 II's from Ibiza, so am now looking for the fronts and center only and am hoping to land all three speakers for around $500 or so. EDIT2: I'm all set!! Thanks to IbizaFlame for the RF-52s. Thanks to Scrappydue for the RF-83s and RC-62. Gonna have a killer setup for my first home theater (though if Scrappydue is any kind of foreshadowing of my future, I may just be getting started...)
  10. I'm moving to Houstion, Texas! I've learned that moving costs money (who knew?), so I need to liquidate some of my toys while I'm still in Rhode Island. A variety of factors has turned this into a quick sale, so my prices in bold are all negotiable and I'll definitely consider package deals. These are for pick-up only. I am selling: Pair of RF-82s in black- condition 8/10, the left tower has two small dings on the bottom cone. ($500/pr) RC-35 in black- condition 9/10 ($185) Elemental Designs A3-300- condition 9/10, I had to turn it off when I moved to this apartment, it nearly got us evicted. ($300) Walker Edison "Everest" Component Stand- 8/10, minor swirl marks on some shelves ($175) Oppo DV-980H- ($70) condition 8/10 - SOLD! The Panamax M5300-PM pictured has been sold before this posting. I also have a pair pf RB-61s on Sanus stands and a Yamaha RX-V1800. I was planning on keeping these pieces but if anyone would like to make an offer on the whole set as a true 5.1 deal, please feel free. I apologize for the "heavenly glow" in all of the pictures. We have two HUGE windows behind the equipment and that glow is there at all times. These pictures were taken at dusk, if you can believe that. I can upload any new pics as requested. Thanks!
  11. Greetings! So im new to the community and this is my first post! So far Ive enjoyed reading the conversations that this community has and now its time to get my feet wet as well . Here we go, I'm looking for a pair of reference series tower speakers to go with my RC-35 center channel. I just started building my surround setup (against my wife's will) and am on a very limited budget (aren't we all.) What I'm willing to pay is dependent on the condition and model of speakers. my maximum budget is $400 including shipping (if needed, I'm located close to Sacramento, CA.) Please PM me or comment if your looking to get rid of some speakers. PS:Any forum advise is also welcomed
  12. Location: Worcester, MA. 01610 I am currently looking for a set of either RF-62ii or RF-82ii speakers along with an RC-62ii center and RS-52ii surrounds. I have been looking into buying new but attempting to find an excellent condition used set as I'm not rich. No interest in speakers that are flawed aesthetically and in hopes that one of the dedicated audiophiles here on the forum will give some guidance on this attempt. The set will be powered by an Emotiva LPA-1 (5@125, 2@50 Watt) amplifier and UMC-200 Pre/Pro. Any help with this is greatly appreciated and Thanks in advance for any and all support! Upgrading from WF-34 and WC-24 Icon Woods
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