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Found 11 results

  1. From the album: Paladin's System Album

    So I finally popped for a 4K 65" Sony XBR65x900f to bring the gaming rig up to modern spec in advance of the next generation of consoles. However, I've had my flagship Reference Kit just sitting idle and that just won't do. So I also pulled out the Icon Wood L/C/R and replaced it with the RF-7II pair and the RC-64II. Also put in an old Acurus 125x5 just because it was also sitting idle. So now I can't keep myself out of here. And heck yes God of War looks stunning in 1080p/24 in HDR10
  2. Opinions on the Anthem MRX 1120 as a stand alone receiver without any extra power amps attached to it? Thinking about getting one to complete my 7.2.4 atmos setup. Rf-7ii's and Rc-64ii in the front. Cheers
  3. How far off the Wall is best for bass response in my RF-7ii’s?
  4. First time posting, so apologies for mistakes or poor posting etiquette. I purchased the RF-7ii speakers and matching RF-64 ii center channel a few months back, it was my first time "investing" in speakers. I'm always owned klipsch speakers; towers, bookshelf, computer, earpods, etc. My current set-up is a sony STR-DN1070 AVR pushing about 165 watts per channel. The RF's are bi-amped. I've been very happy with the sound and clarity of my set-up, I have a smaller apartment currently, and purchased the RF's to force me to buy a house... With that said, would adding an Outlaw 5000 amp to the set-up make any difference? I understand that adding an amp to anything will make it sound better, but is it a noticeable difference? If so, could you share your experience? The 5000 is currently $599.00 and from the reviews that I've read, it is a great amp for the money. Thank you in advance for taking the time to read this. Steve
  5. I just got done making some homemade coupling/decoupling pads for my new Klipsch RF-7ii's. As I have slightly uneven and hollow tile floors over concrete (which has caused sonic issues with all of my floorstanders in the past), this is an upgrade I have been very curious about trying. To start, I cut 1.5" thick granite plinths, then fitted natural cork feet and a thick layer of blue-tack to decouple the granite and from the floor. I then built new bases for the speakers out of 3/4" MDF, adding coupling spikes to all four corners. My goal was not to isolate the speakers from the floor, but to strike a balance between coupling and decoupling, reducing or eliminating unwanted reverberations from the floor, while providing enough cabinet stability to reduce extraneous cabinet movement. I tried to be as objective as possible (while still being completely lazy), so I did some before / during / after listening to a handful of tracks that I use for reference listening. No mics / spectrometers used, only my ears. Upon first impression: improved mid range definition and tightness in the bass. When listening with only one speaker stand done, I noticed that the imaging pulled toward that speaker (without calling attention to the speaker itself). To be sure, I adjusted the MLP to account for the increased height of the stands, and noticed no difference in the sound. Especially at loud (over reference) volumes, I have noticed that certain tracks that we're previously harsh in my (very lively) room are much more tolerable, even for extended listening periods. Overall, I am quite pleased with the results so far! Pictures attached for anyone interested.
  6. A while back, I acquired (free) a RF-7II speaker that had significant cabinet/veneer damage. Its just been sitting around since then and I'm wondering what I could do with it. Aside from saving the parts for potential repairs to my RF-7II's in use already, that is. I've had Klipsch gear for 15+ years now and I've never had any mechanical/technical issues, so it seems like it would be a better idea to use the internals for something else. Any good ideas out there? I thought about trying to make a center channel. Or trying to use the parts to restore a pair of Sansui SP-1000's that have been sitting idle for 20 years at my parents' place. I'd be open to just about anything... Thanks for any and all suggestions!
  7. There's a pair of Classic RF-7 speakers for sale in my area, with factory-upgraded crossovers. I'm interested but not finding much info on them. Can anyone tell me: - How do Classic RF-7's compare with RF-7II's sonically? - Are Classic RF-7's better for 2-channel music or 5.1 home theater? What types of music or movies are they best suited for? (my AVR is a Yamaha A-3000, my 2-channel amps are Odyssey Stratos Monos) - When would you choose La Scala's over Classic RF-7's or RF-7II's? Thanks in advance for enabling my latest obsession...
  8. Hey everyone. First time poster. I was hoping for some help in regards to speaker placement and I am still deciding on what extra back surrounds + atmos (in ceiling x4) to get. I currently have: KLIPSCH X2 Rf-82ii RC62ii 2x rs52ii sw112 ONKYO Tx sr 707 (7.2). My partner and I have just purchased a house (moving in,doc in 2 weeks) so I am going to move the current setup excluding the surrounds into the rumpus room and order in the rf7ii and rc64ii (In cherry)Keep the Rs 52iis and maybe order a second set for the back surround? And I was thinking of ordering 4xcdt5800-c ii in ceiling speakers + the onkyo txsr3030 (11.2/7.2.4). Cost wise I can only afford the LCR right now and will want to upgrade to the new amp/ceiling speakers/ back surrounds in a month or so. Then move onto a better sub and then the 4K tv upgrade at Christmas time. So any money I can save without lose of quality would be awesome Does any one here run the rs52ii's with the Rf 7ii fronts? Should I be looking at the rs62ii's instead? Has any one also had an experience with the Klipsch CDT5800ii's for use with atmos? Should I get the model down? The issue I'm wondering is the room these are all going in has a large glass window where the LCR will be placed. Not sure how this is going to sound until I test it. I will attach photos for opinions. Any assistance in speaker layout or different speakers to purchase are most welcome. Thanks heaps.
  9. Hey, Still deciding what atmos speakers I should get. I can definitely go in ceiling which is a plus. Does anyone have any experience with any in ceiling speakers. I'm thinking about getting th CDT-5800c-ii I will have the front half of the system as Rf-7ii and rc-64ii. Surrounds as Rs-52ii rear surround and Rs-62ii as side surrounds. Planning for a 7.2.4 setup Cheers
  10. Available in central Massachusetts. They're in great condition and have been used very lightly. Looking to sell of possibly partially trade them. See craigslist post. http://worcester.craigslist.org/ele/5208583861.html Feel free to contact me on here or via craigslist anytime. Let me know if you have any questions, thanks! edit: I am unwilling to ship them, so please don't ask.
  11. For Sale- RF-7ii 5 speaker system (Black Veneer). Excellent condition. Includes 2xRF-7ii, 1xRC-64ii, and 2xRS-52ii. Was $2750 now offered at $2500 for all 5 speakers! I have owned these for about 3 years and they have been the anchor to my 7.1 system. I'm keeping the RB-81's for my living room 2 channel system. Unfortunately, I do not have the boxes so local pick up would be best. Thanks very much for looking!
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