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Found 11 results

  1. Hi - Below is the current setup i have Klipsch RP280f for front Klipsch RP504c for center SVS PB-1000 Klipsch RP-502s for surround Denon X4700H AVR Unknown brand speakers came installed in my ceiling. currently using them for atmos/auro 3d My room is 17x20x8 and please see the layout in the attachment. Questions / need recommendations 1. What's a good position for surround (Pink or Grey triangles are possible positions i can mount) 2. I just got the RP-502s? Will RP-600M be a better bet for the surrounds? 3. Should i look into some external amplifiers for LRC Movie / music is 70/30. I usually listen in stereo mode for music.
  2. HI, upgrading surround back for more immersive and detail sound.. please in advice explain why!! ..thanks my system is 7.2.4 Home theater 7.2.4 AVR Marantz 7012 Bluray 4k Panasonic DP ub820 Front klipsch RP-280F Klipsch Center RP 504C Dual Subwoofer klipsch R-115SW Klipsch Surround back RB-41 II and Klipsch Surround rare Rp-402S Klipsch Dolby Atmos Rp 140SA front Klipsch Dolby Atmos Rp 500SA back Panamax MR4300 Emotiva BasX A-700 (7 channels used, 2 pair Dolby Atmos front and back L-C-R) living Room size 13 x 31 (403 sq feet complete) (used front TV is 13 x 12 sq feet)
  3. I just bought some new R-41 -SA surrounds for my 5.1.4 and am a little confused about the angular build of them. With the wedge shape they must be placed flat against the rear wall or the side walls at the rear of the room. This means that the cone cannot be directed toward the back of your head or the sweet spot. They do not adhere to any of the Dolby specified placement guides. What would you do? Moto
  4. A seamless, surrounding soundscape is huge for my immersion. Hearing bullets whiz past me from my fronts to the rear can make the hair on the back of my neck stand on end. It's equally goosebumpy for well-mixed horror movies! I've been using the RP 240s in a 5.2.2 for a while, but I feel (after calibrations, of course) they're a little too subtle. I don't always feel the immersion jumping out at me and they leave me wanting more. What surround speakers have you found work the best for you? A pair of Klipsch's bipole speakers, bookshelves or maybe even towers? I've read some people's experiences viewed the positives of bipoles (dispersion, wide sound etc) as negatives. Others that full sized floor standing towers made for more believable surround sound. It's something that's up to both personal preference and room dimensions, but it still seems like a tricky thing to find a "perfect" solution for. I've since ordered a pair of Klipsch RS-62 II which will be arriving soon, I have high hopes for them! In the meantime I've considered trying my old RP 250fs as surrounds. My current setup is: rf 7II, rc 64II, rp 240s, rp 140sa, 2x sb 2000
  5. Howdy, folks. My 2-channel system consists of a pair of Epic CF-4s (version 1) powered by a Bel Canto s300iD, and a pair of SVS subs. I'm in the process of integrating it into my 5.1 system, usurping the Polk Monitor70 II mains and probably the 15" Acoustic Research sub (because three subs might be too much). That leaves the surround speakers, currently my trusty Cambridge SoundWorks Model Six, the first honestly hi-fi speakers I've ever owned. What would you recommend as replacements for the Sixes? I'm intrigued by the SS1, Synergy S-2/S-20, and RS-10 - something with that T-W-T configuration. I could also just wait and hear how well the Sixes sound with the Epics and KLF-C7 before deciding on replacing them. And the MCACC on my Pioneer AVR will make everyone behave, in the meantime. Thanks in advance.
  6. So I am trying to figure out what to finish up my 7.2 home theater with. I have a pair of RF-7 II's, RC-64II's, RP-250s' (surround sides), and deciding between my already owned RB-61II's or another pair of RP-250's. I've read direct radiating speakers are the choice of many enthusiasts such as THX for surround back speakers. Aesthetically I'd also prefer the RP-250s' because the colums will be built 'around' the RP-250s in a trapezoidal way. Please let me know your thoughts and opinions. Thanks.
  7. Hello to all. I am currently finishing up my 7.2 set up with somewhat of a dilemma. I have a pair of RF-7 II's, an RC-64 II, and RP-250s' as surrounds. I have a pair of RB-61 II's that were planned to perform as my surround backs but I am leaning toward another pair of the RP-250s'. Has anyone else achieved this with these 'bipole' like speakers as their rear soundstage and love it? As far as room size, let's say it's on the 'smaller' to 'medium' size. Reason for being vague? Well, my wife and I are currently home shopping. Aesthetically I would prefer the RP-250s' for the matched trapezoidal shaped speaker columns I plan the build. Thanks for the advice and thoughts on this.
  8. Hey Guys, hope someone can help me with the issue. I am moving to a new apartment and i am thinking to expand my current speaker system(currently 2.1) with 2 Surround Speakers (RS 62 preferred). Normally it is recommended to mount the surround speakers to the sidewall. But due to the room layout this is not possible because on one side there is a window and the room is not a square shape. The Room layout with the speakers drawn in (RS 1 and 2 in Position behind the listening position) Hörposition is "listening position" on the picture. And 4.57m is 14.99 feet and 6.01m is 19.7 feet. I am german, sorry The blue things are windows, by the way. My questions: Is it a big problem to mount the Speakers behind the listener directly to the wall? Is there a problem when mounting them behind the listener if one speaker on the wall is not directly next to a wall like the Speaker(RS1) on the picture? As you can see the RS2 would be directly "in the room" with no sidewall next to it. Do you have different suggestions maybe?
  9. Hi. Current system is a Marantz 7701 pre amp, a Marantz MM7055 5 channel amp. Current speakers are all Klipsch, RF-7 II mains, RC-64 II center, RS-52 II surrounds. Sub is a HSU VTF-15H MK2. Considering adding a 2 channel amp to go from a 5.1 to a 7.1 set up. Cost about 1000-1400. Room is 24x24. Will additional sound justifie cost? Another option considering is stay with the 5.1 system and upgrade surround speakers to the RS-62II's. Or just run with what I have. Opinions?
  10. As the title says: for sale is 5.1 surround speaker set made by HSU Research (satin black finish). Consists of: - four HB-1 surround speakers - HC-1 center channel speaker - VTF-2 MK3 subwoofer. All the information can be found here: http://www.hsuresearch.com/products/hybrid1pkg.html Everything works, very good overall condition. Would really prefer local pickup (Connecticut). Speakers can be shipped but the subwoofer is huge and heavy. Asking $600
  11. I have had these for awhile but never took them out of the box except to photo. Can provide photos on request but I am having trouble attaching to this post. Was going to use them in a new house but we never got approved to buy. Serious surround sound from these bad boys! They are black so they blend with any decor. Would like $350.00 but will concider offers. I live in the south metro area of the Twin Cities, Minnesota but will ship for actual shipping cost if your not local SOLD!
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