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Found 9 results

  1. Hi to you all. I am brand new to this forum and would like to thank the community in advance for all the great information I have already found here. I'm turning to you because I'm pretty disappointed with my local hifi-specialists. It seems that no one really knows how to approach the Fortes. I am looking for a suitable solution for my stereo setup. I currently have a Denon AV amp (6500) with enough power that I use for home cinema. I have a 9.1 T+A HighEnd Speaker environment set up which is great for cinema. The FL and FR are my Klipsch Forte 4. Since a few month I use 95% of my audio-time with the Fortes for music only. All kinds of sources but i have not connected my MM yet. The readon is part of this inquiry. And surprise surprise; I can't get the quality and depth out of the highly digitized Denon that I'd like to give the Fortes to sound as they should. Stereo sounds flat, cramped, at the limit, the highs struggle and the basses drive in the minimum. Mids are ok. I had already connected and tested various integrated amps and power amps to my preout and tested them, and the result was what I had hoped for. But I have not found the perfect match. Now the question is, if you could give me a recommendation from your side? I'm wavering between a power amp and an integrated amp with tone control and, if possible, a bypass for the tone control. Tone control therefore, because I want to re-define the linear sound of the Denon myself. Bypass/Tone Off because I would like to integrate the Speakers into my 9.1 setup, obviously. Of course, this is not possible with the PowerAmp. Of course there is also the question of Tube, Class A, Class AB etc. But there I am rather stress-free. As long as my Fortes are served well. But dize matters to me. I would like an amplifier in the standard hi-fi size, not a Mini or Compact sized device. I have a nice and ventilated cabinet. My budget is somewhere around 2500 USD / 3000€. But currently i am running circles. Integrated amp vs. power amp ? And if Power Amp, which one and if Integrated which design (Hybrid?) Or even a Vintage Device such as the Pioneer SA 9500ii ? Nice device but my local hifi-geek does not recommend it for my purpose (!?). He recomments the Cambridge 851W which is a 350WpC Power Amp. Foes this make sense? Not to me (yet). Long story short,I am grateful for any advise to make my decision easier and help me out of this forest. Btw; listened to T+A Class A which was good but unfortunately not perfect from a connectivity poit of view (no main In). Parasound Hint 6, Magnat MA 900, Vincent 237 Hybrid might be something? But the differences in performance and features are so enormous that I am confused. Only Parasound provides Tone Control and even SubOut. But I can't test it over here. Any hints, ideas, suggestions? Thanks Peter Catta
  2. Vincent silver 35 wpc tube integrated amplifier with remote in excellent condition. Original owner. I bought as factory-sealed NOS less than a year ago. Unlike most Vincent products, this amp is all tube with 1-12AU7 and 2-12AX7 preamp tubes and 4-EL-34 power tubes. Auto-biases for long tube life and easy tube rolling. I will ship with original tubes and the upgraded tubes I found worked best with my setup: 1-JJ Electronics ECC803S and 2-Genalex Gold Lion ECC82/B749 for the preamp and 4-Genalex Gold Lion KT-77 power tubes. All tubes were tested before purchasing; the JJ came from Tube Depot and the rest from Upscale Audio. For those wanting to spend less and tube roll on their own, I will reduce the price by $100 and will ship with only the stock tubes. Unit has 4 RCA inputs plus a REC out (for devices with own volume control). Separate connections for 4 or 8 ohm speakers. The remote selects input, adjusts volume, and mutes; it is all-aluminum and heavy! The amp itself is a beast (47.4 lbs.) and delivers excellent timbre from a black background. Sacrifice at $800 with all tubes; $700 with factory-originals only. The amp and remote are like new. Includes power cord, owner’s manual, original factory packaging, and a solid metal block of a remote. From a non-smoking non-pet home. Delivery to be negotiated with buyer. Please see Audiogon under the same user name for my perfect reviews, and feel free to direct questions my way.
  3. Putting a new little system together for the house. I have a pair of La Scala II on their way to me. Still shopping for a nice turntable. I plan on using a Fisher 500C as my integrated amp - but it is currently being restored professionally and I wont get it back for about (3) months ! Well needless to say, I cant have those speakers just sitting in a box for three months.... I would like to pick up something in the meantime. More than likely I will want to get rid of it when my fisher comes in, so maybe re-sell it. Im looking for something that will sound pretty good and not break the bank. Would love to stick with tubes, but ones in nice / working condition are pricey. I just read some reviews that were pretty good on some lower end (Chinese) tube stuff (Monoprice) here is the link to their web site. https://www.monoprice.com/product?p_id=27222 Now I know you get what you pay for - but anyone here own it? Maybe it would be fine for something to use for a few months and keep as a back up..... Or if there are some other suggestions - I would love to hear them. Thanks for your help and advice, Ted
  4. Hi all, Newbie to the Klipsch board but long time vinyl dj and analog guy :) I need your help. I'm building a home set up for my dj gear (ie. all analog rotary mixer and all turntables), playing disco, 80s, and early & modern electronic music. I've got Heresy IIIs and a sub on my list and I'm having trouble what amp to choose. I wasn't trying to spend "too" much (around $1K and under) but here's what I've narrow down in terms of integrated amps (hoping to connect a few other inputs, maybe a digital input, but sound quality is priority #1) - all of which are around 50w which I'm hoping would power the speakers enough. I know there are much better amps and pre+amp combos, but I'm trying to take it easy for my wife's sake ;) I've read around and on here of people saying more power to the Heresys will drive them to sound better but I'm thinking these should do the trick. Heed Elixer - class A NAD C 368 - hybrid class D Cambridge CXA60/CXA80 - class A/B PS Sprout 100 - class D NAD D3045 V2 - class D Marantz PM7005 - discrete circuitry Peach Tree Decco125 - class D Cheers
  5. Help with suggestions for integrated amps for my Klipschorns. My price range is the $1500.00 range. Is anyone using any of these? Peachtree Nova 150 Cambridge Audio CXA80 Marantz HD Amp1 [only 35 watts at 8 omns] I will have to buy a separate phono stage for the bottom two. I have never posted before but have been helped many times reading advice from the forum. I'm trying to narrow down my choice to two and order both and send one back.
  6. I am into Klipsch family from 2012... owning RF 82, RC2, RS 42, SW 112 and R-112SW connected with Marantz AV7701/MM7055 and front channels connect to Marantz PM 8005. This is my setup for playing both Music and Movies. Regarding Two channel: I was in the impression that, sound of Marantz PM 8005 and RF 82 are perfect and getting the maximum output of the speakers... until I connected my friend's amp (Onkyo A-9070). I have seen outstanding performance of RF 82 with A-9070. Massive Bass and beautiful sound (Mid is Ok). Now only I realized that I was using poor Marantz PM 8005 with Great RF 82. Eventually I am spoiling the amazing output of RF 82. Thank God, at least now I got to know the RF 82 performance. Now decided to go for good Integrated Amp to hook my RF 82. Below amp I have chosen for RF 82. I am going to buy based on your advice only. I can't see demo of any below products (Since nothing is available in the showroom for demo in Chennai, India). The dealer says they can get me if i pay full amount (waiting period 30 days to 45 days) I am ready for this. I have chosen these amps based on the spec. I have no idea how they will match with RF 82. I hope your advice will make my upgrade perfect. Vincent SV 238MK Vincent SV 237 Hegel H160 Rotel RA-1592 Rega Elicit R Creek Evolution 100A Byrston B135 (But expensive) Waiting for your feedback. If you feel any other amp pls adivse. Thank You!! Pravin
  7. Greetings! Offering my mint condition (less than 6 months old) Rogue Sphinx v.2 Integrated amp in black. This has been used lightly to drive my Forte III's with very nice results. I purchased this from the original owner who upgraded the tubes to French Military spec. tubes ($200.00). The results I would say are wonderful, original tubes to be included. It has a nice phono section for those still spinning vinyl as well. This does not have the optional remote (controls volume only). Made in the USA! I have the original boxes and packing for a safe trip. Please google the laudatory reviews on the 'net, it's a pound for pound champion for sure. Asking $1100.00 or reasonable offer plus shipping to the 48 states only. Hate to part with it but I have to say good-bye to some of my equipment...
  8. I need to replace my Yamaha AS 2000 integrated that I currently use with the RF 7II speakers. The Yamaha is too forward and accentuates the top end too much which is a bit rough around the edges too. The pairing of the AS 2000 integrated and the RF 7II's really makes them a fatiguing set of speakers. My sources are a Macbook Pro ( Audiophilleo 2/ Topping D30 dac), Krell SACD Standard III, Jolida JD 100, and I listen in a smaller family room 11 ft W by 18 ft L x by 8 ft H. No options for changing placement since the family room is crammed with furniture and gear. I am looking for recommendations of an integrated amp you have heard with the RF7II's that will drive the woofers so the bass will have more punch. I am looking to spend as little as possible (definitely well under $1000) . Since the bass has not punched well with my current integrated, I have been using a subwoofer, so I probably need an integrated that has outputs to connect to a sub. I have been thinking about a vintage McIntosh maybe , since I saw where an RF7II owner was happy with that pairing, but any and all suggestions for other integrated amps are welcome. So here is what I am looking for: 1. integrated amplifier well under $1000 2. outputs for a subwoofer 3. an integrated you have heard with the RF7II's that compliments the bass capability of the speaker 4. music I listen to primarily is Jazz from the 50's 60's and 70's Thank you for your ideas.
  9. I'm planning to buy Klipsch RF-82 II & Yamaha A-S801 but I'm concerned about their compatibility. I watched some videos where it is recommended to buy an integrated amp with at least 50% more power than speakers' power. According to this advice, these two are not compatible. RF-82 II's power is 150W where A-S801 sends 100W per channel. But there are issues about sensitivity too. So can anyone tell me if Yamaha A-S801 is going to be enough for RF-82 II? Thank you in advance. Cem A-S801 specs: http://usa.yamaha.com/products/audio-visual/hifi-components/amps/a-s801/ RF-82 II specs: http://images.klipsch.com/RF82II_635042119237310000.pdf
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