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Found 6 results

  1. I have 2 available. Excellent condition. Located in the Western suburbs of Chicago 60511. Make me an offer. (There are some listen on the bay for $29.95 + $4.65 shipping each.... which is ridiculous!)
  2. Theater room basement including ceiling and all side drywall must be replaced due to fire. System was: klf 20 fronts and rears c7 center rs-7 sides rp-500sa fronts and rears (upfired due to room configuration that prevented rear mounting) Denon AVR-X6700H Yamaha M-80 (powers front 20's Question 1. I would like to replace the 500sa's with ceiling speakers- is the pro 180 rpw the best choice? Question 2. If I replaced the rs-7's with a in-wall speaker, is the pro-250 rpw the "best" match? I know with the legends, the timbre matches are already not ideal, but trying to get the best match and hopefully will be last upgrades to system (lol)! Room is approximately 28 x 18 with some ceiling differences due to boxed in ducting and will be carpeted. P.S. I also have RS-62ii's I could use for surrounds, but if I'm not going with in-wall, sides, the RS-7's are a better "cosmetic" fit. Thanks all.
  3. Iteachstem


    This is the Paudio pht-409 horn from eBay that people on the forum buy and modify. The horn is an exact fit for many Klipsch speakers like the KLF 20/30, KG series, etc. I have an extra set that I never got around to using before the family came along. It has the center diffuser removed already. This was going to go into a second pair of KLF 20's I had, but I sold them before I got around to the project. (I also have the B&C DE 10-8 drivers that I was going to pair with these if you are interested) If you check my posts in the technical/modifications section, I showed step-by-step documentation on how to use the horn and driver together. Located 60511 southwest burbs of Chicago Asking $20 Local pickup preferred
  4. Has anyone tried cutting out and adding a larger horn for the tweeter on The KLF 20/30? I was looking at adding the B&C ME15 horn: https://www.parts-express.com/bc-me15-1-exponential-horn-90x60-2-bolt--294-620 with the B&C DE10 driver:https://www.parts-express.com/bc-de10-8-1-mylar-horn-compression-driver-8-ohm-2-bolt--294-600 And I was thinking with a little cutting and creativity it will just barely fit between the top of the cabinet and the mid horn. All of the parts would be at around $150 with shipping. Has anyone attempted this or anything similar? Thoughts?
  5. I own a set of klf 20's for 15 years and I never had any trouble.. I'm Looking to buy a set Klipsch KLF 30 s and a Center.. What are the draw backs of the KLFs series? i have read many issues with them, like the glue failing on cabinets and all the speaker plastic trim cracking with heavy use.. Honestly, Im Kinda considering in buying new speakers to avoid any issues. BTW I'm located in ATLANTA if any wants sell some klf 30s or 20s at reasonable price
  6. Hi all, I have just acquired a pair of KLF 20s and one is missing the mid range horn driver. The driver looks like it cracked off and the PO probably threw it out. The other one is also cracked but still together. Does anyone make replacements? I am looking for complete horn and drivers. Thanks for any and all help. Regards, Paul
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