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Found 4 results

  1. These speakers have a bright sound that I have never experienced except when listening to live music. I wish I could keep them, but I now have a much smaller home than what these speakers need and deserve! They were played in large great rooms with high ceilings and the sound is just so amazing! I really tried to take good photos, but they really don't do them justice, because in person they are really beautiful. A slight touch up to minimal damage would fully restore to like new condition. They were not in a home with children, only 2 adults and then storage for 10 years. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ UPDATE HERE: There is a slight amount of damage to one cabinet edge. There is also some other damage, pointed out to me that I am getting looked into. Likely created while moving. If this condition issue is significant and created by the move either into or out of storage, then I will be repricing and posting again with new pricing and/or resolution of the pending issues. I am not interested in ripping anyone off, but I also don't believe in underpricing unless the market is tested and the interest is just not there at current pricing. It takes time week to figure that out... Sometimes is just getting to the right buyer (I'm never in a rush to sell, why?) who can appreciate, sometimes it's something that needs to remain fluid (as in negotiating and moving on pricing) the best way is to let the market and buyers out there let you know.. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I would like to work with someone local to me so that we can avoid shipping costs and the labor to move them. They will easily fit in a minivan or good sized SUV. I live in North Bay, CA. Santa Rosa area so, Sonoma County, Marin County even East Bay or SF buyers would be ideal.
  2. I am a aspiring armature home theater designer builder and this is the second home theater I've built for myself in the last 5 years. My first was located in Murphy, TX for a little more than three years until I moved to My current residence located in Heath TX on Dwyer CT. I've lived here for nine months and it took 4 months of work to get this theater not only functional but presentable as well for family and friends. I did as much work as possible DIY. The build consists of Three Areas: The main Home Theater Room The Concession Closet The Hall Way Entrance Gallery: The Main Home Theater which is located on the second floor in a 20.5'" x 15.5' bedroom. The room has two exterior walls both of which have 1 Double window. All of the interior walls have multiple doors consisting of three for closets, one for the Jack and Jill bathroom and an entry/exit door. Attached to the room is a 6'-0 x 6'-0 Walk-in closet being used for Storage of Media and surplus theater décor. and a on suite Bathroom door located in the rear of the theater. The main theater room has Seating for 10-12 people within three seating zones. Front row seating - Consists of three black leather power recliners 10'-0 from the screen. Platform seating - Consist of three Burgundy recliners on a raised carpeted platform composed of shipping pallets covered in 3/4" Sub flooring. It is 8'-6 x 14'-0 x 0-8" Bar seating - Composed of 4 extra tall Bar Stools and a counter (not completed yet) located behind the platform seating. The "Concession Closet" is a double walk-in closet that has two doors on the left surround wall of the main home theater room. It is 13' x 4'-2" and houses and displays all of the food and drinks, and equipment for preparations of concessions served in the theater. There is also space for concessions related collectables and décor to be displayed as well. The Hall Way Entrance and Gallery is the third major part of the home theater experience. It is a 15' x 5'-0 x 7'-0 dog-legged hallway leading into the main theater. The main purpose of this area is to create dramatic affect and build anticipation through the display of cinema artwork, collectables and movie posters. This area also fetures custom accent lighting, sinage and decorating techniques to enhance the desired effect.
  3. Hello, all! Long-rime lurker but first time poster (although you can find me over at AVS). Please see descriptions below. This is an EXCELLENT collection of vintage horn speakers for either a main theater or even a secondary "mini" theater. I cannot help load the KGs so you will need to bring another person. Cash when you pickup is preferred. 2 pics of KG 4.2 and KM2 included below, PM me your email address, and i'll email you about 15 pics total. I will not ship. Please contact me with any questions, thank you!KG 4.2 - i am the sole owner....cosmetically 7.5-8/10, functionally great......rubber feet/spikes included - $175KM 2 - the military version of the KG 1.5.......i bought these off craigslist 3 years ago......i actually never used them as i never went to 7.1.....functionally great, cosmetically 9/10 (1 very small minor white spot on each top) - $75KV 3 - i am the sole owner, cosmetically 8/10 (minor spot at top of grill and minor scuffing on bottom), functionally great - $60 Or $300 for everything.
  4. I just got my (4) RF7II's to replace my (4) RF82II's. I built the riser in my theater so tweeter was exactly at ear height of 41". The RF7II's tweeter is at 45-46" When using spikes. So I screwed in front spikes and Screwed out rear spikes to angle the speaker foward So tweeter was with in 1" (confirmed with laser) at ear Height. Anyone here ever do this? Do you think this could Cause any issues with sound? I am asking because all I Have ever done was raise a floor standing speaker never Have tilted one.
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