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Found 5 results

  1. While serving in the USAF and in Germany in the mid 80's, I was a part-time speaker rep for Cerwin Vega, Bose, Infinity, and Klipsch, as well as DBX effects. It was at that time I fell deeply in love with Cornwall's, but on an enlisted man's pay could never afford them. Now that I'm older, and in a better financial position, I can afford some of the "better things in life." So I am actively working to scratch that itch that dates back to 1983 when I heard the Cornwall for the first time. This past week I bought a pair of KP-301's and traded a pair of refurbished Cerwin Vega AT-12's (my garage speakers) for a rough pair of AT-15's at a local pawn shop. I plan replace the surrounds on the AT-15 woofers, work a little on the cabinets, then liquidate them to support my Klipsch endeavors. Anyway, I knew the AT's needed work, but the 301's were sold as fully working for $500 - which I was happy to pay for them! When I got them home and connected to my Yamaha C-60/M/60 I could immediately hear issues with the speakers. Since I have a relationship with this pawn shop (I repair computers, game consoles and other gear for them on the side) I did not look them over closely in the store. One speaker has the dust cap missing on the woofer and it looks like the cone had started to separate from the coil, and someone had repaired it without replacing the cap. It seems to work fine, the coil is still aligned properly so I am not concerned. But I did notice that the tweeter in this speaker was barely audible and the mid seemed to be a little loud. Naturally I "assumed" the entire speaker had been abused, so I ordered a pair of titanium domes for the tweeters, reported the issues to the pawn shop and they gave me back $100 on the purchase (fine by me) and I waited for the domes to arrive. I installed both domes last night and was shocked to hear there was no change in the tweeter with the low gain. So I pulled the mids to verify their wiring and get a better look at the crossover. I could immediately see there was a different Klipsch crossover installed in each speaker. The good news was, both are Klipsch crossovers because I could easily see the logo, but I could not tell the exact models from that angle. This weekend I plan to pull the woofers and solidly identify each crossover. My question would be, how should I proceed? The drivers seem to be in good working order. One crossover supports the separate high and low frequency inputs on the back of the speaker, and the other is a full range connection. The speakers actually sound good, but are unbalanced. Should I buy a pair of Crites 301 crossovers, install them, and just enjoy my new garage speakers, or find a match for the lone functional crossover. BTW, I now have two stock tweeter domes and soon a spare crossover (or two) that I will be happy to barter to help others. Thanks in advance, and it is great to be a new member here! HiFi was my first serious hobby going back to the 70's as teen and my first Pioneer SX-650 receiver with Advent 2 way speakers! Jon
  2. Hi I have recently bought two pairs of the KP-262. Haven’t heard or seen these speakers before and was hoping that some of you could have the specs, or even better a pdf spec sheet on them. Thanks in advanced. Tony (From Norway)
  3. Little bit more along the lines of pro gear but still very useable in this world with some of the setups i've seen! 🙂 10x units available @ $400 each per unit starting price. Reasonable offers for larger qty purchase welcome. Amplifiers from previous large entertainment complex install. All functioning upon last power cycle. Some rack rash and use wear on units but otherwise fully functional. Refer to pictures for general idea. Local pickup preferred in 32808 or buyer pays for shipping. Can ship freight if large QTY is bought. These are up on Ebay as well should you prefer to go through there --> https://www.ebay.com/itm/183318898263?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1558.l2649 Some basic specs below, full specs here --> http://www.l-acoustics.com/36-archives.html Power 16 ohms: 2 x 500W RMS Power 8 ohms: 2 x 1100W RMS Power 4 ohms: 2 x 1450W RMS Power 2 ohms: 2 x 1650W RMS Power Bridge 16 ohms 1 x 2000W RMS Power Bridge 8 ohms 1 x 2900W RMS Power Bridge 4 ohms 1 x 3300W RMS Input Sensitivity: 20dB, 23dB, 26dB, 29dB, 32dB, 35dB, 38dB, 41dB Frequency response: 20Hz to 20KHz Signal / noise ratio: <110dB
  4. WTB a pair of kp-480 with HF outs on the connector plate.
  5. Hello all! I'm new to the forum and would appreciate any insights you may give about an upcoming project of mine. I would like to utilize about half of a room that measures 30' wide by 58' long with 8' tall ceilings so their space would be 30' wide by 28' long and divide the room with a heavy curtain. I'm not concerned with sound affecting the non-theater half of the room but only in optimizing the experience of the theater side. I plan on using a 150"-160" screen with a 2.35:1 aspect ratio with my projector which will still be tight with only having 8' ceilings. I am currently considering a 7.2.4 setup using 2x RP-280F, 1x RP-450C, 2x RP-160M, 2x RP-250S, 2x R115SW, and 4x CDT-5800-C II in ceiling speakers for the Atmos effect. I was wondering at what room size one would consider using Cinema products instead of Home Theater equipment or if there are better options available that I haven't considered. The room would be used nearly 100% for movie viewing with the first row of theater seating at approximately 10' from the screen with low-back sofas, the second row would be theater seats at 17' from the screen, and the third row would be theater seats approx 23' from the screen. Thanks for any suggestions! Theater Example.pdf
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