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Found 5 results

  1. New Klipsch client here and first "hi-fi" system in about 30 years. I have a basement room that is 24W x 21.5D x 8H. It is concrete slab floor. My R-28F's are seven feet away and about seven feet apart, right now. I've moved them wider apart, closer, next to the wall, away from the wall and still having a problem with bass. I know they aren't sub replacements. I have an SB16 on the list for future purchase when the wife is away. However, these things are producing some nice bass just not delivering them to me in the right spot. Sitting down in the listening positioning, there is very little bass. When I stand about half way all the way through to full stand it sounds INCREDIBLE. I can't figure this out. My couch is standard height, even a little higher than most actually. If I move further away it's still the same effect. I've toed the speakers in and out with no change in bass.
  2. I have read a lot of information on what gauge of wire to use, I'm just on the fence with what's the best to use, they say the power rating is 150-600 peak, not going any longer than 15 ft for my floor standing r28f's. 8 ohm compatible? I like to listen to it loud, got A Yamaha 683 amp. Everything I've read is leaning towards 16 gauge, but will 14 gauge impede or will it sound better? Going to run 16 gauge for my bookshelf and ceiling speakers. Only 25 ft runs each. Just figured with the big floor standing speakers I would need a thicker gauge. Thanks in advance
  3. I have recently purchased several new Klipsch speakers, a pair of bluetooth R15PM powered monitors, a pair of (non-powered, non-bluetooth) R28F floor towers and a 10" R10SW subwoofer (that I have connected to the powered monitors) and I also have two indepedent Crown stereo power amps (XLS1500's) I can use. How can I combine all of these Klipsch speakers together into one system? Do I need to purchase the Gate or the Powergate? What I typically do is play Spotify from my phone through the powered monitors and sub and in another room I use one of the Crown amps hooked up to my computer to listen to Spotify through my big towers.
  4. Here is the deal, as I just got the theater room completed with my Marantz SR6011 I had the following speakers: 1. R28F Fronts 2. R25C Center 3. R15M Surround 4. R14M Back 5. R12SW For our anniversary, my wife got me the following 1. RP280F (these will be my new fronts) 2. RP450CA (my new center) 3. SW112 (This will be my 2nd subwoofer) I had originally gotten the Klipsch system at Best Buy on Black Friday for half off. Though I liked them, I always stated how I would really like the RP line, but didn’t think anything about it. I guess my wife listened, and got what she could for me. Now. I really would like in time to upgrade them all, but until then how would you suggest to move them around, and get your suggestions. Here is what I was thinking. 1. Replace the R15M Surround with the R28F 2. Replace the R14M with the R15M 3. Make the R14M front Height speakers 4. Move the new R112SW to the opposite corner of the room (make them diagonal of each other) BTW how well do you think the RS6011 will play with the new speakers? Enough power, etc. I haven't made any changes yet... I will re-run Audyssey® Thank you to my wife for the dilemma Thank you, fellow members, for the kind insight.
  5. I´ve just bought a pair of R-28F loudspeakers to be used with a pair of R-15M as rear ones. I´d like to know which is the subwoofer that will the best for this combination (The amplifier is a YAMAHA RX-V481). Thank you
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