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Found 5 results

  1. Hi everyone, I recently got a Klipsch R4B-ii soundbar and my dog chewed up the remote while I was asleep. Will Klipsch be able to replace it in the support tab or am I screwed? The night mode and virtual surround no longer work on the remote and that’s the only way to enable them I think.
  2. WTB: A Marantz Remote for my AVR. Preferred models are rc011sr, rc003sr, rc008sr. If anyone has a remote from a dead AVR or a spare one for other reasons I would be obliged.
  3. I have up for sale a recently purchased tube line stage from Tubes4hifi. This is the SP12 model with the remote set up. It was setup for tone controls, but Roy didn't approve and removed them. I purchased it used a few months ago. This line stage is in great shape and has a wonderful sound. The only complaint is that there is a buzz after turning the volume past 64. I only heard it when the audio was paused, not when muted. When I asked Roy, he said that he had no issue with it in his system, which he only ran above 65. I am selling as I am happy with a passive preI am selling with 4 JJ ECC802s and 1 Sylvania 12x4, remote, and power cord. I am asking $525.00 $450.00 shipped to the lower 48 U.S. PM with any questions. 3/8/2018 I am currently working on installing the passive tone controls that Roy had installed in this line stage. Link to the line stage. http://www.tubes4hifi.com/pre11.htm Horns and drivers added
  4. I recently bought a x4i earbuds. about a month ago. Now, the buttons do not work, AND the earbud sound goes haywire when i adjust the wire. A weird cracking noise would appear when i adjust the wire. can i get a replacement?
  5. I just set up my ProMedia DD-5.1 back in my computer room after using it for years in the family room. For several years I have only used the optical input and turned it on by hand. In my new set up I have two inputs I want to use. I just tried using the remote to change the input and nothing happened. The remote is working (I checked it with my phone camera). The batteries are brand new. I sat there for about 5 minutes pushing the input button. Finally it changed. Now I am trying to switch it back and I am not getting any response again. I think it is the unit itself since I can see the remote emitting some signal (with my camera). It is strange that it did work momentarily, so I know nothing is completely fried. I have the unit sitting under my monitor and between the promedia speakers. Has anyone else had this problem? Do any of you have any suggestions? It should works since I've only had it for 13 or 14 years
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