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  1. I just set up my ProMedia DD-5.1 back in my computer room after using it for years in the family room. For several years I have only used the optical input and turned it on by hand. In my new set up I have two inputs I want to use. I just tried using the remote to change the input and nothing happened. The remote is working (I checked it with my phone camera). The batteries are brand new. I sat there for about 5 minutes pushing the input button. Finally it changed. Now I am trying to switch it back and I am not getting any response again. I think it is the unit itself since I can see the remote emitting some signal (with my camera). It is strange that it did work momentarily, so I know nothing is completely fried. I have the unit sitting under my monitor and between the promedia speakers. Has anyone else had this problem? Do any of you have any suggestions? It should works since I've only had it for 13 or 14 years
  2. I have had my system for a couple years now, and I continue to have the feeling that I could be getting more from it. I am looking for ballpark suggestions. I know each room is unique, but I'll let you know roughly what I am working with. My system includes: Onkyo 1007 Emotiva xpa-5 4 x Klipsch synergy f3 1 x c3 4 x s3 2 x sub 12 I have tried running the audyssey calibration on the onkyo three times. Each time it has led to a noticeable buzz coming from my speakers. I don't know why. Each time I have reset the receiver to default settings and the buzz has gone away. I've now left my settings at default for about a year and a half now. I believe my two subs are set at 80 whatever on the back of the sub and the volume is set at halfway. The phase is set 0 for both of them. All of my speakers are set at 80 whatever (thx) in the onkyo's settings. Do any of you have any recommendations on what I should change? I've noticed that the bass doesn't seem very smooth, but kind of "boomy" and just rattles a lot. It doesn't seem punchy in places that I think it should. The system is loud enough, but I think it could be more refined. Any suggestions?
  3. I recommended that my friend buy the kf-28 speakers today at bb since they were half off. I did not do my research and did not know that the kfs were bb exclusive. Would the icon vs-14 work with these towers? I know there can be timbre issues and surrounds are not as important, but I don't want to give my friend bad advice (any more than I may have already). Also, would only the kc-25 work as the center channel? I know with more options I am more likely to find a bargain than paying full retail at bb. He also bought the rw-12d from newegg.com
  4. I'm not sure what you have left to buy other than a receiver and an amp if you think you need one. I would pick the receiver you like the most. I have an onkyo and love it. I also have an emotiva xpa-5 and it all sounds great. I would highly recommend monoprice.com for all of your cable needs. Find a receiver you like, wait for it to go on sale and then buy it. But, if all you are buying is an amp and a receiver I can't see you spending more than 2500 (and even that is a lot) unless you go butt wild. Emotiva amps are on sale now. If you want to go butt wild: 3 Emotiva xpa-1 amps for your front three and 1 emotiva xpa-2 for your surrounds plus a decent receiver
  5. I run 4 f3s and it sounds fine. I don't know if it is overkill or not, because I went from a promedia 5.1 from 1999 to my current setup practically overnight. I bought it piece by piece, but I didn't install anything until I had it all. I ran it without the amp for a weekend. I don't know if it is overkill, but it is possible and sounds fine.
  6. I'm sure if your youth pastor was teaching his pupils to be contempt he would have been thrown out by the congregation. I'm sure he was teaching you to be content. Contempt and content have totally different connotations (and meanings, of course).
  7. Mixon, I know this is totally off topic, but +3db; that's just insane. You are talking about big freaking speakers. I tried to watch a movie at -15 once with my cheapo speakers and I turned it down within the first half hour. And, as far as the wife goes, when she's home nothing is over -30.
  8. what should my settings be? on the receiver? on the sub-12 on the back?
  9. I can't find a small speaker setting on my receicer. How should I set the cross over for each speaker? They are all set at 80hz(thx) right now.
  10. There is no science behind that though. Perhaps the only reason you wouldn't buy from monoprice is because they don't sell 8 g wire.
  11. Monster is too cheap. You need audioquest all the way. Extensive research has shown that return on investment with speaker wire is exponential. Every 10 dollars or more a foot you spend on speaker wire will make your experience so much better. Personally I wouldn't spend less than 100 dollars per foot on speaker wire and interconnects. You definitely wouldn't want to go and buy 12-14 guage wire and some place like monoprice.com. That stuff is so inexpensive that it cannot be good, right? [] Also, there is already a speaker wire question on the first page of this forum.
  12. Nice tv maul...I have luke skywalker's and mace windu's fx lightsabers.
  13. My receiver does some matrixing (I am not real sure about the right term) to create a 9.2 setup. I haven't split anything...the receiver does it all. I use the xpa-5 for the front five, as you suggested and the receiver powers the back four. The receiver says it powers 135 watts per channel, but we all know that that number is probably inflated.
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