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Found 5 results

  1. One of my drivers are cracked and needs to be replaced If you have one for sale please post here and your asking price. I am located in Ontario Canada so I would prefer to purchase from a fellow Canadian, but at this point I can't really choose.
  2. Looking for assistance in finding an equivalent subwoofer to replace my 20 year old KSW 15. It's still working, but I experienced a crackling sound and it went out temporarily. I replaced the connecting cable from my audio system and it came back to life. Like I said, it's 20 years old and I need help finding an equivalent unit. It resides in a 20 by 20 room with high ceilings. Any help will be appreciated.
  3. I picked up a pair of chorus ii's and didn't realize until later, that the magnet on the back of the passive radiator was missing from one of the speakers. During the demo, I noticed muddy bass and it sounded like the tweeters were weak - figured new crossovers and tweeter diaphragm would resolve these issues. Ordered parts from crites. Then took it apart and noticed the missing magnet... I tried googling what what I thought were part numbers and keyword combos - no joy. Going to see if klipsch support can help, but wanted to see if anyone here had any insight. Would be much appreciated as I can't help but feel bummed about my purchase attaching pics of the two, side by side, and the label on the magnet.
  4. Hello everyone. I bought a 6.1 set of Icon speakers in October of 2008, and last week my XW-500D subwoofer died. There is a little text display on the top, and when I toggle the power switch it will light up for half a second before fading out. It also doesn't go BOOM BOOM BOOM anymore. That has been the extent of my troubleshooting so far. This brick cost a pretty penny back in 2008, but I am not sentimental about it. I was wondering if anyone had recommendations for trying to repair it. Otherwise, I'd like to solicit recommendations for replacing it. My den is 22' x 22', and this would be for exclusively for movies. I am not opposed to moving to a 6.2 setup, if there is any merit to that layout. Thanks in advance for your input! Darwin
  5. The negative terminal clip snapped off of my HD 300 centre channel speaker. I contacted the local Klipsch service centre and they are shipping me a replacement terminal cup. I've never replaced a terminal cup and I'm not familiar with the procedure. What tools will I need, will I have to open the speaker housing and will I have to solder anything? Are there any schematics of this model of speaker available so I can at least figure out how to open it without damaging it (if needed)?
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