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Found 5 results

  1. I have 2 of the RP 280's 2 of the RP 160M's and a pair of RP 240S would you trade that set for 4 82 ii's and 2 Klipsch RB-61 II?
  2. Hi guys, I am buying my first set of Klipsch speakers off Craiglist. I can buy RF 82 ii (pair) for $450 or Forte I (pair) for $450 as well. The RF 82 ii's are practically new and come with all the original packaging. The Forte I's are with their second owner right now. From the Craiglist ad: "Great condition, dusty from storage when picture taken, clean now and look very nice. They work fine, no rubs, buzzes, or broken parts. There is a ~1/4" veneer chip on 1 base and 1 passive radiator has a wrinkled as shown. 2nd adult owner, not abused, no pets, and a non-smoking home." They look gorgeous in the photo with an oak finish. Obviously I should listen to both to see which I prefer, but I would love to hear your guys' expert feedback. Thank you, James
  3. Hodgepodge of parts: 5 Crites cd76TIM titanium diaphragms NEW unwrapped. Crites $ 54/ pair 1 Stock k77 diaphragm It works. 2 De 120 tn drivers with horns and cables. Appear new: Crites gets $225/pair 2 Klipsch RF 82ii Similar used pair on EBAY for $350 2 front panels for Khorns 2 k-55-X Ebay old beat up are $150. These are low mileage and pristine. 1 Selenium D250 [ k 55 replacement ] Parts express $39 ea. 2 Four way premium crossovers with cables [never used ] SW-WOOFER-MIDRANGE-TWEETER Located in North Dallas. Can ship all but the RF 82 ii. [Pictures tomorrow but they look exactly like they did when I got them so see stock photos] Would love to unload entire set to someone local..... Bargain price for entire set. $1000.00 takes it all.
  4. Hello. I just came back from the store and listened the R 28F as i wanted to hear how a bigger woofer and the khorn sounds. I must said i was blown away by the sound compared to Dali Zensor 7. Now on topic, lets forget the R 28F. I am finding at almost the same price the following speakers: Klipsch RF 82 II and RP - 260F The horn as also the woofer seems to be made from the same materials (different size) . Both are rare firing. I think that i can be sure that if i liked the R 28F i will like also any of those two mentioned. Yes the RF 82 have 25 Watts more but that is not something i do care about. Further info: The speakers will be mainly for Blues/Rock music I plan to match them with two RP-160 for home cinema, but priority is music. Lets take space/room size out of the equation 1) Which of those two speakers would you recommend and why? 2) Is there any difference in the RF and RP series ? 3) Which is a better match to the RP-160 ? 4) Does any of those two speakers have a more pronounced highs ? 5) Please suggest other bookshelf speakers if you think that the RP-160 would not match with the RF 82 or the RP 260. Maybe something from the RB series. 6) Is it a "must" to match the woofer size of the towers with the bookshelf ? Thank you in advance
  5. Hello All, I recently purchased a RF82 II, RC52 II, RB51 II, SW112 5.1 speaker package and I have a question regarding the rear feet on the RF82 II. Each one sticks out about 5cm on each side of the speaker, taking up a total of 20cm (8") of precious space around my TV cabinet. I was wondering if I can take one of the two screws off the feet and swivel them around them under the speaker, pointing towards the front. I don't see how it would cause any issues but I guess they were designed the way for a reason...? Any advice? Thanks!
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