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Found 3 results

  1. Found a brand new article dated march / 23rd / 2021 in a german audio magazine . Western Electric 300B back in production The Production of the legendary Western Electric 300B hi-fi triode is now in full swing. Using state-of-the-art technology, machinery and workflows, the 300B is being manufactured according to the original blueprints at the Western Electric plant in Rossville, Georgia.The new manufacturing process is said to allow the required manufacturing conditions to be met many times more precisely than before, resulting in a greatly extended life and an even more dynamic sound. Each tube undergoes a 72-hour computer-controlled test and function procedure with final measurement, and each tube is supplied with its own data sheet. Based on this final inspection, a "matched" pair is assembled.In initial listening comparisons with a Western Electric NOS pair as well as tubes from other manufacturers, the new 300Bs were said to have produced a more airy and spacious soundstage that also possessed more power and dynamics than the NOS tube. Price for a matched pair ..approx $ 1.400
  2. Yup, these are the ones to have. I need to raise some cash by Friday to pay for a class to further my music career, but sooner is better. Time to let these go. I've been hanging on to them for over a decade, but when resources seem low, it's time to get resourceful, right? A search in these forums will tell you quite a bit if you're unfamiliar. I'm confident I could sell these quickly on eBay at an average $250 ea. To save the fees and time, I'll take $600 for all three and ship them securely packed via Priority Mail to the US. Add a bit for international - message me and I'll figure it out. I have tested them on a rudimentary tester, and all test above new values. I have test results that I got from the seller in Belgium, and all my tests here when going through them have correlated just fine. One has a loose base but no loss of vacuum - it just requires more care in handling. I would think that a bit of silicone or something to stabilize it would be wise, but I have not done that research. I would take less for that as a single, and would also sell just the other two as a pair. My preference is to sell them all together, but I realize three is an odd number, though singles come available from time to time to complete the quad. The tube with the loose base is #48 on the test sheet I got from the seller - this one is shown in the first 6 photos. The others are 51 and 36. You'll see his values used and everything - it's beyond my expertise. Photos: https://share.icloud.com/photos/0R7qtgO--Mznw6aLXInRsBaKQ
  3. http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-27483035 the commentary said it is driven by a WE 555
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