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comparing promedia 4.1 and Midiland s4 8200 ??


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true that seb.




PIII @ 1.08GHZ

SuperMicro PIIISCD I820 Mobo

192MB Crucial PC100

Maxtor 40GB 7200rpm ata66

Maxtor 40GB 7200rpm ata100

Generic DVD 4X

Creative 8x4x32x Burner

GeForce256 32mb DDR (orig)

3Com 905B-TX Lan

Netgear RT314 Gateway/Router

Philips Acoustic Edge

425w Power Supply

Triple Boot Me/2K/Whistler Build 2416

Soon to be Klipsch Pro-Media 4.1's

umm... a floppy.

thats it, for now


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ok.. .. your statement "CAUSE VIEWSONICS ARE BETTER" can never be proven nor disproven by anyone.. not even you. You are acting like "VIEWSONICS ARE BETTER" is a written law or something.. hell that is ust what YOU think..

I will stick with what Simple said:

"Only the person who's gonna be sitting in the driver's seat and using the product everyday can say which one is better for them."

BTW:.. I too was thinking of getting a Viewsonic.. alto I opted for the Sony.. Why? I don't know.. He's on third.. and I don't give a darn.


All Your Base Are Belong To Us


1GHz TBird


FOP38 & CuShim

Kingmax 256MB PC150

Annihilator2 32MB GTS

Intel Pro100+Management NIC

Promise Ultra100

IBM 75GXP 45GB ATA100 & Maxtor DMP6800 27.2GB ATA66

Plextor 16X10X40A Sony 12X DVD

SBLive! 5.1

AOpen HX08 Full Tower 300W

Sony CPD-G400 19" Triny

Pro 4.1 are comin!!!!!!!!

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To whom it may concern (mike the real one...):

Two mikes don't make a right (straight out of gone in sixty seconds although in that movie it's two rogers don't make a right), it has been quite fun arguing over which is better, (my name is mike also). I really don't care whether you like viewsonic or sony. I just stepped up and started "pissing" (nice term janko) because your all up claiming viewsonic to be better than sony in computer monitors. In my original post I made a very simple comment summing it up it said "sony can't be good at making everything" where as viewsonic has to be great at making monitors or uhh no more viewsonic (toshiba projectors are better... don't take that the wrong way mike). I made a simple point and I stick by it. The whole weight thing, that was just a sarcastic joke as was the compliance thing, and the control thing and... any way.

You can obviously compare the two but whether pcworld ranks it the best or car and driver rates it the best it's like I said in another post were the person is looking at two different models of monitors, paragon quoted me you can read it above.

Oh by the way, I'm not sure what that first line says but you might want to correct it for grammar, I think there is a fragment and maybe some mispelled words in there. Must have been fuming because of all the $$$$ you lost to janko, see you could have bought that sony monitor.... j/k and my name, its the shortest way to write my email address for college, part of my last,middle,first

I would just like to make one last rebutal, you said that I wanted to express my love for sony one last time.... uhhhh no, I can't say that I love sony....

"You've been great, I'm out" -george costanza

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