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Length of Wall Needed for Klipschorn?


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Given the design of Klipschorns, how much wall is actually necessary for them to work well? I have a 20ft x 12ft room where they would need to fit on the long side, while the right hand one would fit into the corner created by an archway. The length of wall available there (short length) would be around 4ft or so. Would this work?


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I have about the same configuration, with a 19x16 room, the speakers against the 19' wall.

The soundstage is HUGE, with little-girl-and-acoustic-guitar music sounding like the attack of the 50' woman.

Sometimes I wonder about a center channel but the additional speaker, amp, preamp concerns etc. makes me put a cold compress on my forehead and then wait for the feeling to go away.

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