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  1. yeah, neither side will EVER change the other sides' mind. Never. Like my aunt used to say "Stop blowing, wind."
  2. I think Jerry Garcia's solo albums are a must have, especially ... uh, hmmmm. Well, Bobbie's Ace is a good album too, and yeah, the Jerry one with "The Wheel" is what I'm thinking of. don't think don't think don't think don't think don't think don't think don't think don't think don't think don't think don't think
  3. nonsense. I use a bunch of twist-ties that I've twisted together, works just great, I can hear fine. For the high current applications I use coat hangers that I've straightened out. Works great, I can hear fine.
  4. I have the Welborne Labs 300B Laurel II's with all the tweaks and I can say I like them a lot. At another house I've listened to a different 300B (which I didn't care for that much), a Moondog 2A3 (which I loved) and a DRD 45, which seemed even a bit more musical (in the good sense of the word) than the 2A3. Nonetheless, nothing seems able to pry these Laurels from my hands. And a 300B (even a 45) is way powerful enough for khorns. You will want to put several throw rugs down on the floor, you'll be spiking around 5-6K without them. You will want to encourage wall reflections around the speakers, for 4-5 feet either side. You will want to discourage wall reflections from the rear as much as possible. Put your listening position where you can sit and turn your head to either speaker and be looking directly at the tweeter/squawker. Enjoy, I know you will.
  5. I don't want to have to wear a hearing aid! Maybe I'll design an SET hearing aid amp based on the 45 triode. I'll build it on an aluminum pie pan from Target, make a strap out of a leather belt, and wear the thing on top of my head like some kind of a helmet. What kind of coupling capacitors should I use? and does the color of the wrap around the outside of the capacitor make a difference in the sound? Then there is the PSU problem. Maybe that can be battery power that I carry in a backpack. sign me up.
  6. Quote: "He (the Count) was the epitome of the "jazz players standing behind white boxes with notes printed on them" jazz." Wow, whatever gave you that idea? I'd be interested in knowing because. . . well it's so far from my impression! Basie's band with Lester Young was a catalyst for so many innovations in jazz and one of the most important bands ever. . . . imho. Lon, like when Bogart said he went to Casablanca for the waters and was informed that it was a desert: "I was misinformed."
  7. I just watched that movie again the other night. Been many years, I think. Whatever happened to Cleavon Little?
  8. I am going through more and more of the numerous Count Basie records that my brother gave to me. Why did I save these to the end? Because I thought I wouldn't like them very much. He (the Count) was the epitome of the "jazz players standing behind white boxes with notes printed on them" jazz. Boy was I ever wrong. This guy cooked. And so many of the records are in NM condition, after a nice little washing.
  9. nice work, with the six of them you have just enough for a two-channel rig ala DJK.
  10. nice, but I'd get rid of that big glass thing in the middle.
  11. golly, a grounded metal plate! Why didn't I think of that?
  12. gawd but I *hate* the looks of those glass and plastic TTs. This is mine.
  13. Max, FWIW, I lost all interest in Steve Deckert's creations a long time ago. I would be absolutely dumbfounded if he preamp was any damn good at all.
  14. I got my CC89259's from Alexcable. Sound great, no reason to change, ever. Very reasonably priced, and quick too. Highly recommended.
  15. might try a ferrous panel attached to ground underneath the speaker. Big old slab of steel or iron with a big braid grounded on a water pipe or similar.
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