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cwm40.gif Hmm, Seb, I wonder how many pints of blood you would have to sell to eKlipsch your Sony bargain bin"? Then you could satisfy your critics by building your system on for real blood money! cwm20.gif

Seriously, I admire you as do many others on this Forum. You probably contribute more good will and expertise with less home to enjoy than any other poster on this board.

Putting things in perspective and making "sound decisions" hold an appropriate place in your "Things To Do" list hold you out as one of life's future winners. Just don't get run over by a Bose truck on the way back from graduation.

cwm28.gif Hmmm... then again, have you thought about crime? cwm4.gif HornEd

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Seb, if you only new what that $2000 could have gotten you. If you have patience and are good at negotiating. You would be suprised on what you can accomplish.

I laugh at people who spend 1000's upon 1000's of dollars at retail stores.

Stay tuned i'm getting my new digital camera in the mail in a few day's. I'll show you what $2000 got me.


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I can't wait Monty!

HornEd, I actually can't give blood (we don't get paid for that over here), they won't let me, because I spent too much time in France apparently.

And the way I paid for the stuff I already have is even worse than selling my blood... I served as a lab rat for a pharmaceutical company during one summer, which provided me with the 2K I needed. How's that for sacrifice? They we sticking needle upon needle in me, every half hour, for two days, to take blood samples, not an agreeable feeling...


BTW, yes, this is true, I got the assurance of my pharmacian mother that what they were testing was harmless, they just wanted to know how much was left in my system as time went by. 2 days plus 15 repeat visits, $2,000, not a bad deal!


http://members.fortunecity.com/sebdavid - go laugh at my crappy website/equipment

http://www.dvdprofiler.com/mc.asp?alias=Sebdavid - go laugh at my puny little DVD collection

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You are a lab rat! LOL And made $2000! cwm23.gif


Here stick a needle in my arm right now,pump all the blood you need I sell my blood at competitive prices.

I will even let the US Army and former C.C.C.P. officials send me into space if they guarantee the rocket will not explode on the launch pad. LOL

Anything to get my Dynaudio Evidence Master and Krell MRA amps.

WOW Seb was a lab rat!This explains his posts diminished.I think they were testing anti post drugs!

Now if only Justin would submit,he needs the anti post drug bad.

TheEAR(s) Now theears

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