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chorus ii.......dragging on tv!!!!!


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i have a pair of chorus ii running on a carey sla70 tube amp,the sound is incredible,however i have reciently gotten a divorce and was forced to move to an apt.the space i have them in has to set close to the television,which happens to be an 31" proton.i need to know what i can do to the woofers to keep them fron dragging the picture tube dowm.i have heard that klipsch seels a reversing magnet to put on them...please help me...:-(

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Look in the Klipsch Home Audio section and bring up the parts price list. In it they list what speakers can use bucking magnets or shielding cups. I called Klipsch and asked them about shielding my mains and they said that if I used the bucking magnets I would have a 1db increase in output from those speakers. If I used the cups I would lose 1db. If I used both there would be no change. I think the cups might be easier to install. I'd go with the bucking magnets though, 1 db isn't much of an increase but more is better!

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