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Just got a Wii!


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And I'm having a killer time! Just got back from visiting some friends, and most of them had a Wii, so I thought it time I joined up with them. Its pretty fun, I like the Wii Sports, and I also picked up Punch Out! I just need to get a componant cable going here and I'll be set!

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good work [Y]

admittingly when i first saw and played wii sports at a friends house, we played mainly bowling, i was hooked straight away and the following day i just had to buy one. I'm back on the wii fit again..

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wii fit is pretty good and a lot of fun, i especially like the jogging and the hoola hoop these two activities doing one after the other inceases my heart rate.

all in all it is a lot of fun, IMO some activities could be more harder, like even at maximum speed to me it is still too slow for a good workout, but even after experiencing and using it I would still buy it if I hadnt brought it already. i enjoy the balance games also.

My wife and i are dont really enjoy playing games, like wii, xbox, ps3 its just not our thing BUT we really enjoy the wii sports and wii fit.. these are the only two games we have and i cant see us buying or playing anything else. we are just not gamers..

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tell me about it todd, i only play advanced, though i pick the 3 minute option and not the 6. with the 6 i will be dead for sure if i tried to last the distance, ha. though with the three minute option i average about 400+ spins on each side..

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