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  1. I'm making a fresh batch of popcorn now []
  2. Would changing the hz(on the ps3) make cds sound different? well i am not too sure as I changed a few settings, not just the hz to 44.1. and really i am clueless when it comes to these things, though right now my 2ch listening has never sounded better to me.
  3. Sounds like you may have to revisit your music collection to see what sounds you may have missed that your other cd player did not pick up...... Like what has been said above... Enjoy [Y]
  4. I dont even know what 44.1Khz even means I only changed it cause i read it somewhere.
  5. Cal - thank you for your post, i really only switched to pure direct from 2ch stereo as the sound diffrence to me was night and day and which resulted in my post as i was unsure if this was correct. But in saying this when I hear shops selling audio gear with a similar set up to me many that I have seen listen to pure direct. psg - thank you to, it clears my mind knowing that the change to 44.1 was most likely the right choice, I brought dire straights cd last night and sounded awesome indeed. i know i dont have the set up that many have here in 2ch area as I have seen some pics and OMG amazing!,
  6. Hi there I am just not sure if I have the correct settings for two channel on my PS3 when listening to CD's.This is what I am using Rotel Power Amp, Yamaha RX-V667, PS3, Front stage, RF35, RW12 and RC7 and RS35 surrounds. All speakers are set to small and ps3 connecting to AVR through HDMI. PS3 I have adjusted the settings to 2ch PCM 176.4Khz and changed the CD sound on PS3 from 48K to 44.1K. Is this ok? (I am really clueless when it comes to this)With these settings I am very happy with the sound when playing in Pure Direct mode, though in this mode I have no Sub, though in saying this I seem to be getting good bass from the RF35's.Then in 2Ch stereo mode i seem to be getting good sound and sub but i personally prefer the pure direct mode over the 2 channel mode, in 2 channel mode i seem to be loosing volume compared to pure direct.I suppose my quesion is, does my settings look right on the ps3. or do I need to adjust more. I also have the latest firmware updates on PS3.
  7. +1 for The Game - I really enjoyed this film. The Sixth Sense - another film i also enjoyed and have in my collection
  8. DU73


    11,12 I cant think of anything that rymes with twelve, oh well no need to dwelve
  9. DU73

    Listening Modes

    my preferance is 2CH for music, and Straight or Pure Direct for movies
  10. Has someone said HP Deathly Hallows Pt1 yet, well I watched the BD on my HT and I thought a great movie and had awesome AV
  11. Thanks Tarheel, I am fine and out of harms way, though the floods have been devastating to the affected areas. I have not posted in a while, just been very busy and have not been on line much these days.
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