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5.1, 6.1 or 7.1 - Help !!


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First of all, I would just like to thank everyone who has offered me very helpful suggestions.

I am new to Home theatre so I hope my questions aren't too dumb.

Anyway, I have chosen to go with the Klipsch Reference series to start my first home theatre. (except for the sub, maybe)

Also, I must say that I have chosen Denon for my receiver of choice because of price, quality and options.

Here lies my dilemma...

I have narrowed it down to 3 receivers the Denon 1802, 2802 and the 3802.


How important is those extra channels in the 2802 and 3802?

Will I be able to use this feature with all of my movies "DVD's" or just a select handful?

Do you think it's worth the extra money?


If I did go with the 3802 (7.1), would I put two pairs of surrounds speakers for the left and right surrounds and the rear surrounds or do you recommend a different speaker setup?


If I did get the 2802 (6.1), can I buy a single surround speaker for the rear or do I need to buy another center channel?

Sorry if these seem dumb, but I wanted some advice before my purchase.


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1) Yes, you will be able to use the extra channels with all your DVDs, with varying degrees of success, meaning it will work marvelously on some films, and not as well on others. Most are improved, however.

2) For 7.1, it all depends on your preferences. If you like the Klipsch-style surrounds, then go for two pairs of that, but if you like the direct-radiating style, then use that instead. Nobody can tell you what sounds best, it's just a matter of opinion. I myself think the direct-radiating speakers sound best, plus you have the advantage of better performance with multichannel music. As for dipolar/bipolar/direct-radiating combinations for 6.1 and 7.1, I will leave that to people who actually have tried them.

3) Due to the difficulty of obtaining only one surround speaker, I would use a center speaker for the rear. However, the fact that I like direct-radiating (normal) speakers for surrounds sure weights in this decision.

Lastly, I think the 3802 is definitely worth the extra money. IMO, it's the "sweet spot" in the Denon line.


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yea definitely the 6.1 is great. even for 5.1 or prologic type material & decoding. as seb says, whether you go w/ direct or wdst, get a direct speak(s)

for your rear surround. like a rc-3 or 7(s). if you really want to go all out even direct towers for rear surround.

get a receiver that you can keep a while. like a 4802 or take a look at the b&k 307 (truely upgradable). of course more $ but hey it's an investment. Smile.gif


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The 3802 will also do 6.1, you just run the back center left channel. I've been very happy with that receiver. I have a pair of small KLH monitors attached to the wall behind the speaker and it does make BIG difference. During JPIII you are TOTALLY surrounded by sound and feel like you're in the middle of the action.

Since I listen to a lot of club music I also enjoy the 7 channel stereo option, although my neighbors might not Wink.gif

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Go with the 3802.You will really love the 4802 if you can do it.

I leave my 3801 set to 6.1 all the time.

The real channels are mono,so you can use 1 or 2 speakers back there.

They add a nice presence to the sound field on almost everything on DVD I have played.

Great on DTS EX discret,only a handfull out though.

I have found I liked the direct radiating in the rear better than the WDST KSP-S6s that are back there now.You can use a single center channel speaker if it is easier and lighter on the pocket.

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I too have a 3801 and love it. The new 3802 is basicaly the same machine and is probably the best AVR on the market for under a grand. Go for it!



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Klipsch RSS6 Surround Side

Klipsch RSS .5 Back surround

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I'll add my thoughts...I have the Denon AVR-4800/POA-5200 combo and love it. Granted, I'd certainly love the new AVR-4802, especially with the Dolby Pro Logic II, but I'll "make" do with this system for now. I am thinking of the 3802 for my father, upgrading him from his Pro Logic receiver.

I use two speakers as my back surrounds, KG 1.2s, and it certainly makes an impact on DVDs, especially those with THX EX or DTS ES, which use the back channel. I especially like them when I run 7-ch stereo for CDs. I love the surround sound I get with the system, and I especially like that Denon allows me to play through all 7 speakers without any DSP modes. You will enjoy any Denon you get.

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Thanks everyone.

Jhawk thats exactly what I'm doing, I have (FOR ABOUT 5 YEARS) a Sony (all in the box) Pro-logic reciever and speaker setup.

I know I'll be happy with the Denon and the Klipsch combo.

The only thing I forgot to mention regarding the rear surrounds is that my couch is against the back wall. This is why I think I'll go with the surrounds in the rear (DiPole) so I could hang them on the wall on the sides of my couch and just let the Dipoles go to town...


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