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Klipsch RF-7s


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Greeting to you all.

Are Klipsch RF-7s, RS-7s,and RC-7 considered to be the very best speakers from Klipsch?

Are Klipsch speakers designed to play jazz v/s rock?

I had the RF-3II package and could not get good base at any level, not even loud volumes, So upgraded to the RF-7s. Really I would expect for the money the RF-7s would knock you back in your seat with bass. But this is not the case. The RF-7s play jazz sweet, but rock?

The RF-7s are loud but where's the BASS?

Would a better sub, like the RSW15 be worth the money?

The RS-3II and the RC-3II speakers would have probably been an so so match for the RF-7s. But only after many adjusting through the receiver.

Would the KLF been a better choice for good bass?

Maybe it something to do with the receiver

Will the Yamaha RX-V3000 be sufficient power to deliver the full potential for the following speakers?

All Monster wire, speakers, sub and AV cables

Yamaha RX-V3000 100 watts x 6

Klipsch RF-7

Klipsch RS-7

Klipsch RC-7

Velodyne LVF-1012 sub

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Well, at the price, they SHOULD rock. How big is your room? For any music, a subwoofer is a GREAT thing to have. You should try to find a local dealer (NOT CC or GoodGuys) and get a in home demo of some subs, you will be impressed. To complement 4, 10" woofers, you will probably want to get a big 15" or 18" woofer. I don't think there are very many "speakers" that can give you earth-shaking" bass, but the RF-7's should give you infinite amounts of music above 40-50 Hz.

Again, get a BIG subwoofer in your house to try out, you will be very impressed with the results.

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I will be right before TheEars in saying that RF-7s will kick you silly with bass when used with a big-*** high-current amp. Trust me, I listened to that setup once, and it really went deep, surprisingly deep without a sub.

However, there is no substitute for a good subwoofer. No speaker can come close to the bass reproduction a good sub unit can offer.


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The RF7's reproduce bass ACCURATELY.

If you want pumped up, bloated, artificial sounding bass you won't find it with the RF7.

I had my hooked up to a Bryston and although it was very tight - it was not exaggerated.

I actually find the somewhat, slightly loose bass from a tube amp more pleasing - but that's me.

Looks like you're doing HT and will be using the sub anyways. However - to keep up with those RF7's you will probably find one sub will not do.



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So is my receiver large enough to drive the RF-7s and the RC-7,RS-7????????

HAVE TO say the RF-7 produce music exceptionally clean, clear and detailed. Very pleasing to the ears, recomending them without pause. The RF-7 package set up is worth every cent.

Sounds as though I am getting soild bass from the RF-7's and in order to get more bass, change the CD to one with more recorded bass or add a bigger sub.


I am broke now, no money left. So the bigger sub will have to wait. Ha ha haa Smile.gif

Guess I'll buy a different CD's for now.

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Your Yamahammer receiver will work just fine.

To get your setup to the next level you would need to go with separates. To do this for multi-channel would require a substantial investment.



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Thanks to you all,

The info from you all it greatly appreciated.

I was very pleased to read the Yamaha RX-V3000 receiver will deliver. Also that the RF-7s are spoke of with such high respect. For me they sound great, I like good bass as well as clarity. It's work putting together a system.

I figured separates might be the next step up,

as well as purchasing a bigger sub would proof to be a benifit.

Since just recently purchasing the RF-7 package , along with the receiver, not surprising I am and will be pennyless for a while.

BUT I HAVE GOOD KLIPSCH SPEAKERS!!! and RECEIVER. and will enjoy every note.

Hey, can Anybody spare some loose change?????? $$$$ ha ha haaa hee hee heeee.

Yamaha RX-V3000 100watts x 6







and my old Altec A-7s, which can easily keep up with the RF-7s but lack a tid bit of clarity.

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