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Horn subwoofer


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Rune--Well you can buy a prosound horn woofer from Klipsch. To get as low as direct-radiating subs do a horn needs to be huge, not viable as a commercial product for homes. Of course some would rather hear 35hz from a horn than 20hz from a small direct-radiator, quality over quantity. But Klipsch isn't about quality anymore anyways, they're about selling lots of conveniently sized boxes to lots of people. If you want the low distortion of a horn at low frequencies I suggest you do a large DIY sub with multiple 15s or 18s. Get enough direct-radiators moving the air, keeping cone excursion low, and you'll have the same virtues as a basshorn.

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"If you want the low distortion of a horn at low frequencies I suggest you do a large DIY sub with multiple 15s or 18s.Get enough direct-radiators moving the air, keeping cone excursion low, and you'll have the same virtues as a basshorn."

DUH you discovered America

Very practical LOL

It may be great for you,Ken and TheEAR but for 99% of the population a "conveniently sized box" is ideal,and this is why a joke like B0$e exists!

Just joking,any company and individual with bassic knowledge about subs and audio can get great results by using many big WOOFAZ in DA big boxes.

The Klipsch RF-7's are not fully horn loaded and the woofers move a tiny bit even at ear bleed volumes.Distortion is very low,at 102dB 1W/1M these are no tiny "conveniently sized boxes" as you say.

TheEAR(s) Now theears

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EAR, yeah, I would sacrafice a lot to have da big speakaz. However, my main speakers are sitting on my DESK, so I can't have monster main speakers right now. I will, soon... I think, realistically, a home bass horn would be TOO big. I would take one, but the world doesn't revolve around me and the few thousand others like me, so we will have direct-radiation subs.

I was looking at a house today (house hunting) and it was about a $300,000 house, and guess what the owners had:

KLIPSCHORN home theater



I hope they leave them. The house sucked, so I won't let some speakers distract me.

I want a BMW 735i

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Personnally, I would go for the M3.

But that's just me, my butt is still young and thus I prefer the firmer ride...

I would only miss the all wheel drive, I love it on my mom's Subaru WRX!


http://members.fortunecity.com/sebdavid - go laugh at my crappy website/equipment

http://www.dvdprofiler.com/mc.asp?alias=Sebdavid - go laugh at my puny little DVD collection

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Seb---Not me, I'm no latte drinker. I like big Detroit V-8s, might buy myself one of those 300hp Mercury Marauders, that's my style. I mean how can you cruise around listening to Elvis and Muddy Waters in a Yuppiemobile? It just ain't happening man, not cool at all. For performance that new 375hp Mustang Cobra is gonna be real hard to beat. My kid had one of the 320hp ones and I smoked several BMWs and Porsches with it, tach it up to 6 grand and dump the clutch and the damned thing got sideways like a 60s musclecar. I was on the car ("on it", that's 60s gearhead talk for flooring it) more than he was. A Cobra convertible will be a nice retirement present to myself in 22 months. :-)

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Those old Mercury Marauders are strange rigs.

They look like a Chrysler from the back with the primer black decklid, a Merc from the front, with a GM interior.

I always see purple or gold copper colored ones on occasion.

And you can drive right through a Beemer with one of those old dogs.

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Mike---Well I meant the new Marauder, basically a Gran Marqis with 300hp, serious tires, brakes and suspension to match. There's serious talk of them doing a ragtop version with 355hp, that would be something to cruise down to Florida in. I had a 97 Crown Vic with the H&P package: V-8 with duals, handling suspension, 4-wheel discs, big rubber. Great car. I traded it in on a Focus SE, bright yellow with a 4 valve motor, big wheels and tires and stick shift. Great little car but next time I'm going back to V-8s. My boilermaker buddys ask me why I bought a Focus after the Vic, my reply is that there are many different kinds of enjoyable cars but I can only afford one experience at a time. :-)

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Scratch the 735i---

The new V-12 BMW 760Li is coming out in a month, only $110,000 +/- a few $$$.

The M5 is not doing well. I don't know what is going on in Quebec, but many of the people that bought the M5 are selling them for many reasons. They're too expensive to keep up and there are supposed to be some unresolved mechanical problems that will be springing up AFTER the warranty expires. The M5 and Z3 are the only two BMW's built in their Souch Carolina plant, FYI.

Seb, get a Z8 (droll, drool, slobber)

TBrennan: as much as I like (yes, you are talking about cars, but I am on the American car thought) Chevy/GMC trucks, they have some major problems to work out and I will stick with a Toyota Tundra for now. Consumer Reports and Can & Driver love the Tundra to death and have some reservations about Ford/GMC. I do not like lattes, I just want a luxury car that ouzzes with opulence.

I bet you couldn't get a horn subwoofer into a Z8...

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Ken---Ahh, what do the jaspers at Car and Driver and Consumer Reports know about trucks? Here in The Midwest I know all kinds of tradesmen and farmers who beat the living hell out of their pickups, almost always Fords and Chevys. :-) The contractor I'm working for now has a fleet of old half-ton Chevys with 350s and stick-shifts, many have gone over 300,000 miles. I've never seen a contractor buy anything but Chevys or Fords, there's a reason. Not that the Toyota isn't good.

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Tom, thats a very good point. There is a lot of new construction in Reno (I MEAN A LOT!) and I would say 95% of the contractors have Ford's/Chevey's. The other 4% are Dodge Ram's and about 1% are Toyota's. I have an 89' Chevey Silverado 2500 3/4 ton and it has not failed me EVER. It has been recently, in the past 3-5 years, that Ford and Chevy have had problems. I think they (Chevy at least) are improving now. I hate Ford's guts:

-I had a Ford F-150 (brand-new 1995) and it was CRAP!

-I had a Ford Taurus (brand new, 1994) and it was CRAP!

-BOTH were lemons and had imcompentend dealers that broke the cars FARTHER than when they went in.

-Their commercials SUCK.

-Their OFFICIAL and MY reliability were/are not great.

-They bought Volvo and FU#KED them up royaly, I LIKED Volvo, now they are horrible. My Volvo V70 in England was the last year before Ford bought them and I loved it, I test drove a "Ford Volvo" and it felt like a Ford, not a European car.

-I have not has ONE good experience with TWO brand-new Ford's.

-What more do I have to say?

Chevy has always treated me well, so have all the Japanese car manufactures. My cash is for Toyota or Chevy trucks. NEVER Ford, never again.

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Ken--Yeah, I had a 92 Taurus, bought new, that was a real junk, lots of tranny problems. Then I bought a 94 F-150; straight-6, stick-shift, rubber floors, no radio: a stripper. That was a great truck, no problems. And my 97 Vic was real good too. But you gotta go with your experience, If Ford was batting only .300 with me I'd look elsewhere. Funny thing, I'm not a Ford guy or anything but every time I go looking at cars I come home with a Ford, I think it's the dashes, Ford gives great dash.

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Yeah, the new Marauders are cool!

Just don't buy the older SUV's, please.

I watched Front Line about SUV's, it was a bad idea from get go.

You either treat the older ones like a 4WD, or you will pay.

The newer ones are lower and wider, they are starting to catch on.

Watched another show about off-side front impact tests on pickups for Insurance research.

Ford,Dodge,and Chevy failed miserably, the Ford's Cab Buckled bad, the dummy was pretty much UNDER the dash

when the air-bag went.

Then Dodge and Chevy as far as Damage factor.

Toyota did the best, the cab sustained little damage.

They show this on a Commercial, it's a Gold truck.

They edited off the back of the truck in the Ad, because the spare tire from underneath the bed comes flying out like a rocket upon impact with the Toyota.

The passengers are safe, but I hate to be the By-stander that gets pegged with that spare tire, OUCH!

I have a '80 Toyota longbed, they are hard to destroy

for average vehicle use.

But the old/new ones are worthless for Commercial use.

Decware Sub? Sounds Spendy!

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Ford and Chevy make every kind of vehicle that there is, so Steve Decware-man has to make every kind of audio equipment that there is, why don't some people stick to what they know? -

I love my little '94 Mazda truck, with 102K on it, nothing has ever been fixed, ever, and I would buy it over a new one anyday, even if Ford did make it (or was it Mazda that made the Ford Ranger?) -

love my little pony car too, '93 Dodge Shadow convertible, 3 liter, V6, this car is a sleeper, because people don't expect it to be as fun and as fast as it is. It has its fans though. This model has the distinctive hood bulge, which indicates the sporty ES model. Not all of the bulges have the larger, more powerful V6 engine. If you look at the older Shadows still on the road today, most of them have a distinctive bump in the hood. That is because they are the more powerful sports models. Because of its quick and powerful handling, there are several personal home pages devoted to this fun car.

This Mustang competitor, with minor modifications, is capable of shooting down a quarter mile in less than 15 seconds and has a 120+ top end. Over 140 HP, with a stock engine @ 5000 RPMs, gives this little baby get up and go. Torque on the stock engine is a zippy 171 @ 2800 RPMs. This gives the car (less than 3000 lbs.) plenty of get up and go.

Plus, its a convertible. The best damned car I've owned -- where else could you get this much fun this cheap? Always starts. Doesn't use oil, but likes regular oil changes. They're fast, reliable, a hell of a lot of fun, and easy to maintain ...


Colin's Music System Cornwall 1s & Klipsch subs; lights out & tubes glowing!

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