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Setting up the RF-83 System


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Hi one and all!

I am a new "Audiophile" in training and i need some help.

In the next few months I will be buying the RF-83 system (the complete home theater set) But I need the right gear to run these puppies, my eye has been on the Rotel series 15 pre amp and amp (the one that puts out 250 watts per channel), I hear good things about them, I was just wondering, since still trying to learn, and there seems to be some very smart audiophiles here, if anyone could give me some advice and tips, on what type of gear would best bring this system to its full awesome Klipsch potential.


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Hi Adrian. Welcome to the forums. First off, I'm no audiophile...just an audio enthusiast so take what I say for what it's worth (not much). LOL. The RF-83 is truly an amazing system. My Yamaha currently drives my 5.1 system and does an excellent job with it however, I know that it would benefit from a separate amp and a separate pre/pro would be even better than using a receiver. I did have an opportunity to borrow a QSC 265 watt/ch pro amp. Wow. It totally brought the 83's to life. Lots of headroom, clarity galore, and I loved hearing bass even at low volumes. 200 watts/ch or higher is wonderful to feed the RF-83's. I promise I actually heard mine say, "Is that all you've got?" The louder I cranked them, the sweeter they sounded and did not get harsh or break up at all.

There are an infinite amount of options out there and there is no perfect gear but here is something to consider. Emotiva amps have received very good reviews and can be had for much less than other brands (Parasound, Rotel etc) They have the XPA-5 (200w x 5) for $799, the XPA-3 (200w x 3) for $599 and the XPA-2 (250w x 2) for $799. You won't hear a difference in 50 watts. You probably know this but you have to double the power to achieve a 3dB increase. They also have a 30 day money back guarantee so you don't have anything to loose except for shipping cost if you choose to return it.

Good luck with your training and feel free to ask all the questions you need. There are a lot of knowledgable and friendly people here willing to help.

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I wouldn't call myself an audiophile either. I've had the RF82, RC64, and RS52 system for about half an year driving them with a entry level Denon receiver. When I finally upgraded to the Rotel RSP1066 and RMB1075 combo, I finally realized what the speakers were capable of. I haven't had the pleasure to hear the new 15 series of Rotel gear, but I know most of their components are well regarded as very good value in the audiophile world. They offer very good bang for little buck(well not so little, but compared to other brands.) The aesthetic design on Rotel gear is no slouch either,very comparable to other high end components, like Classe, Lexicon, and Krell, to name a few. When I had family over, and they saw the Rotel gear, they all thought the Rotel gear were the best looking stereo components they've ever seen.

Are you going with just the RF83 for 2 channel stereo, or are you looking to get a multichannel setup? If you're doing multichannel, I'd suggest you save some money and go with the RF63 instead of the 83, and you will have the matching 6" drivers in the entire front stage. I personally think that the RF83 are better suited for someone that are only looking for stereo setup and will not be running a subwoofer with them.

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Wow thanks for the advice on that, yea, i have been savings for some time, and doing as much research as possible, and i want to make the right decision, but i am finding it hard to find an equal cost vs value with some items, i will look into what you suggested, it was a big help, yes movies and music, i am getting the surround set

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