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Slimmer CornScala port dimensions


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Great information here.

I am going to try and build a pair of CornScala's myself.


I like the slimmer profile, and was going to build a pair with the

basebin dimensions being 21.5 wide, 21.5 deep, and 28 high, this should

give the interior volume 6.2 cu. ft.

Now for the port shelf, if

I am understanding this correctly the port needs a cross-sectional area

of between 70 and 75 cu in. and if the interior width of the cabinet is

20 in. and I make the support board for the shelf the enitre height of

the port that makes the width of the port 18.5 inches wide, and if the

port is 4 in high 4x18.5 is 74 cu. in.

The port shelf length remains 9.5 in.


hope that these calculations aren't wrong in any way, because I plan

on starting this project really soon. And if the they ARE wrong that

someone will chime in and revise them for me.

A bit more insight about the speakers, they will be split top design.


will be using Crites Speakers CW1526C Cast Frame Woofers, Altecs 811

horns which I already have, Great Plains Audio 902, and JBL 2404H baby

cheeks which I also already have, ALK Engineering crossovers.

Thanks. Brian.

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Thanks for the response.

Robert how did you come up with your port dimension. WinISD shows the port should be 18.5x3.25x9.75 with the cabnet tuned to 38Hz. Now in this thread (http://forums.klipsch.com/forums/p/81721/816459.aspx#816459) it says that the port should have a cross-sectional area of 75.205in^2 and the motor bord should have a across-sectional area of 50.00 in^2. giving me a port 18.5x4.0x9.25 and 3 openings in the motor bord 5.0x3.33. I wonder which is right ?

thanks Brian

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Wow. that speaker would have to sound awesome.

Notice that you have a pic of these cabs as your avatar. Do you have any other pics of your project you might post?

I think you have nailed cornscala in a tower orientation.

would love to hear them.

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[:D] I did and they are great!! Made me want to make some of my own, mabie some day!!

In this link you can see them better (fourth post), I think earlier in the thread he has other ones as well. I got to hear them in this set up using aaron power, very nice. Even my wife liked it!!


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