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Reference line discontinued?


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I keep reading posts about some of the speakers from the reference line

being discontinued and on the Klipsch facebook page a employee said the RT-12d Subwoofer had already been discontinued. I'm about to piece together the rf-63 set-up and worry about it being discontinued and not being able to get the whole set-up. Has

anyone heard anything about a upcoming update to this line or if in fact being discontinued?

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Welcome to the forum!

My educated guess is that Klipsch is freshening up the Reference line. The first step is to discontinue products that do not move enough volume. The second step is to clear out excess inventory in the discontinued items. Next they will introduce the new items, probably starting with the new subwoofers.

The only question is whether they will go from the Reference IV line to a Reference V line. Historically, the new Reference speakers were fully compatable with the prior series in both appearance and voice.

Discontinued products usually sell at a deep discount, which means that it is a buyers' opportunity. Klipsch is the best in the business with continuity in their product lines. Klipsch evolves and refines thier products, but keeps the winners updated.


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They've already started dropping. I just ordered my RC-64 on tues and saved about $275. Only problem is a lot of dealers around me are out of stock. I'm really excited to upgrade my center from a Deftech procenter1000 to this beast! Eventually I'll get the RF-63's and then RS-62's to complete it.

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