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  1. Hey Youthman! Its been ages... I like what you have going on here =)
  2. Once in a great while I still check in. =) I have to say I'm not surprised about what youthman's upgrading to either haha.
  3. I'll be one of the first to get one =) I got an e-mail a few days ago confirming I'm on the original pre order list from ~4 years ago. Also have my 40% card waiting...
  4. I also picked up the x10s. Excited to see how they compare to my S4i's.
  5. Haha I can't believe it, but this happened to me today too. I was sitting at my computer when I took my S4i's out, and I thought 'hmmm, feels like maybe the plastic tip is still in my ear' - I don't know why but I touched the underside of my ear attempting to squeeze it out, of course it squeezed it in, and too deep to get out at all. A slightly embarrassing trip to the Dr a couple of hours later (he assured me he'd pulled much stranger things out of ears - a clove of garlic, coffee beans and a moth were some of his examples) and it was back out. Too bad they sound so good, took me all of 30 seconds outside of the building before I was listening to some tunes on them again =) Here's hoping NOT to have a repeat of the situation!
  6. Ideally I'd love to move to the P17-Bs, but after purchasing house, money is an issue. The 7 month old takes a wee bit of money too - who knew? =D What would I notice moving from RF-83s to RB-81-IIs? I will be keeping the submersive, so I'm not really worried about the low end. And I'm just brain storming at this point, no final decisions have been made to sell the 83s yet, I just can't see how I could use them in the living room, and I feel like they might be wasted out in the shop where I'm planning on using my heresy's anyway. Anybody moved from floorstanders to bookshelves?
  7. Not sure what your budget for all this is - I'm in love with my Seaton Submersive and I don't think I've seen any owner being unhappy with it. I believe some sub manufacturer has a sweet do-it-yourself sub kit thats quite a bit more affordable that everyone was raving about a while ago as well (Danley Labs???).
  8. White_Hawk

    A Review

    Greatly enjoyed that review - thanks for posting the link!
  9. Hahaha - I started out with promedia ultras, then I found some used RF-83s locally - wasn't that a nice change? =D Then I picked up a pair of old Heresy IIs - and MAN are they SMOOTH... The midrange is beautiful. Currently working on restoring an old beat up pair of the original Heresy... I listen to my reference for HT and my heritage for music (unless I'm too lazy to hook them up... I need an A/B configuration here). I don't know if I'll ever pick just one! Maybe Pallidiums would settle that - or would Jubs be the way to go =) I guess I'll never know until I own them all. And of course I have my submersive holding the lower end of things with whichever I choose for my mains. =D
  10. We've had our 50" Panasonic Plasma since August '08. No changes noticed in it (50PZ800U) since then, and it gets a lot (read: too much) use. When people come over they generally say "Wow" and then things like "why would you ever go to a movie theater?" -referring to both audio and video quality, and that last quotation came from a friend with a different brand of HDTV.
  11. I just got a pair (actually 2 pairs lol) of the S4i today, I intend to try them at the gym very soon.
  12. Dang... someone here should pick them up =) Preferably someone in WA state, so I can come over and take a listen =D
  13. I'm hoping Klipsch comes out with a new line, so retailers lower prices to get rid of the "old" stock. Then I'll finish up my set =D
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