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Windows Media vs. Music Servers?


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I use iTunes on my windows PC. It allows you to stream mymusic to any PC/Apple in the house. I use Apple Lossless codec but FLAC is becoming a popular codec for hi quality master recordings. Take a look at www.linnrecords.com and take a look at what is happening with music downloads. Windows media player has lossless codecs as well but Aplle Lossles and FLAC are really taking off. Ripping your CD's to your computer is the best way to go. You can listen to your collection anywhere you want in the house, if you have wireless network. Now that recordings are available in quality that is higher than CD's I would recommend using iTunes or Windows store and manage your files and download your music.

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I built my own dedicated music server. I prefer WMP as my music player I have tried many others but still prefer WMP the best. I rip all my music to WAV lossless and try to buy only quality downloads. Music Giants was the best quality downloads I have found and Napster my second favorite. I hated itunes when I tried them itunes quality was bad and I have avoided them ever since.




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I have a sound card from Auzentech and consider them the best available. Auzentech has a newer card now which really looks nice, the Auzen X-Fi HomeTheater HD it was the first and I believe still only computer sound card to support the new Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio digital audio formats. Auzentech has very high quality cards and they sound great.


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