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Rc-7 * 3 ??


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HornED: If the DVD/signal was being played interlaced, the image would have been "cut up"? Is that the signifigance?

How about a computer monitor. On TV, when a monitor is filmed, it is "flickering." I have my monitor set at 85Hz, and when I film it, it doesn't flicker, but it it still interlaced instead of progressive.

NOTE: Thats a lot of babble, and you only need to pay attention to the 1st paragraph...Smile.gif


Receiver: Sony STR-DE675

CD player: Sony CDP-CX300

Turntable: Technics SL-J3 with Audio-Technica TR485U

Speakers: JBL HLS-610

Subwoofer: JBL 4648A-8

Sub amp: Parts Express 180 watt

Center/surrounds: Teac 3-way bookshelfs

Yes, it sucks, but better to come. KLIPSCH soon! My computer is better than my stereo!

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Kenratboy, sometimes there is more truth in babble than we realize. Most personal computers are displayed as progressive and not interlaced... and so your clue is indeed a valid one.

Since most televisions display their images in two passes (interlaced) and depend on the "persistence of vision" we human's have for the image to appear smooth. It is the same phenomenon that makes "movies" appear to move when they are, in reality, a series of "still" photos.

You mentioned that you liked the Tiger that was on the 65" monitor, the clarity of the photo was due to the image being progressively scanned by a Toshiba 6200 DVD player from the dts (less compressed) version of Gladiator.

Adobe has a good explanation of the interlaced/progressive issue at http://www.adobe.com/support/techguides/premiere/prmr_interlace/main.html that you should find helpful. -HornEd

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Here's my setup:


I'm going to rework the whole cabinet, from the lower doors up. I'll be putting in a widescreen (DLP (next generation) Mits when they come out later this year).

My plan was to have a "shelf" that all three speakers would sit on, and that whole shelf would be covered with cloth. There would still be one display shelf above the speaker area.

The colored rectangles I put in are basically to scale with the dimensions of those speakers.

But I guess with the ported situation it won't work.

Something like la scalas or whatever are just way too big.

I suppose I could stand up the RF-7's on the left and right? Really cuts into the display space however.

What I have now, maybe you can see in the background, are M&K's. Maybe I just have to get some new ones of those...


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BobT, I trust some "braintrusts" from Hope can give insights to the port problems. The RC3II is a sealed speaker in the Reference line... and would work... but it doesn't have the vigor of its ported big brothers.

As you know, porting a speaker is a way to get bigger sound from a smaller cabinet... and Klipsch has managed to get accuracy as well into the Reference line. Accuracy usually declines in ported speakers over their sealed counterparts.

I wonder what would happen if you took an RC-7 and a pair of RF-7's and removed the rear ports... sealed the opening and then remounted the ports on the front motor board (e.g., baffle board to some)? Obviously, it would change the reflectance pattern by not having a close by back wall... but it certainly worked with the Cornwalls. Obviously, I do not let warranties get in the way of my experiments... but you may.

I wonder also what might happen if you made a "U" extension to the ducted port that would vent the port to the front... which could be rigged without violating the warranty I would guess.

Obviously, you could use three RC3II's and tuck a decent sub in the bottom of the cabinet to add some depth.

You could also look at three RCW-5's since your are in effect going to make an enclosure within the cabinet. The tweeters are swiveled so that you can aim them at the sweet spot.

My congrats on a fine looking cabinet and your choice of a future Mitsu monitor. I know these suggestions may be a bit far out... but I have had many far out speaker ideas that have paid dividends. A front-firing, sealed sub looks like a natural for your application.

Good luck... -HornEd

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Really appreciate all your suggestions.

I think I was hoping for "more speaker" than the RC3II's. I already have a big powered sub. It's in its own enclosure, you can just see the tip of it behind the edge of the couch. I built this space when I built the house. It has a powered 12" M&K sub in it.

I guess the question is would the "de-ported" 7's sound better than something else like M&K's. I have always wanted Klipsch since I had friends in college with LaScalas - but maybe it isn't meant to be.

There's probably still a chance that if I just stuck the speakers in my larger "enclosure" that the sound coming out the back would help the presence and might not sound boomy.

I wish a Klipsch employee would comment. I thought they would monitor a forum like this. It is dissappointing that they won't comment when someone is making a buying decision.

Thanks again, BobT.

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BobT, I thought you might want more sound than the sealed alternative allows.

Trying to change a speaker's design by mounting it in a generally unapproved way may not be the most rewarding comment a Klipsch employee might make.

I have tried several experiments with my Klipsch dealer's equipment with the right to return it in mint condition for a refund. I expect you can find someway to bring some home for a test... and lay them in the cabinet and see what happens.

I am also surprised that more Reference owners haven't chimed in on this thread. Had I known as much about you and your system at the beginning, my comments would have been more to the point.

Yes, you do indeed have a good sub... but I would not trade my SVS Ultras for them. -HornEd

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PhilH (a Klipsch employee) responded to you. I see BobG hanging around the boards, too. Be patient, Grasshopper.

Besides, you've got HornEd on your team...you're sure to win!


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Why not bring home an RC-7 and see how it sounds in the cabinet? Most movie sound comes from the center speaker anyway so you should get a good feel for how 3 RC-7s would sound in your cabinet. Also it looks like you have room in the center position to try the RC-7 without having to make any modifications to your cabinet or the RC-7. I'm using 3 RC-7s in my HT L/R/C and they sound wonderful! Of course, I rotated the horn on the L/R and have them on stands in an upright position.


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You gonna kill yourself trying to lift a 95 LB speaker into that cabinet. I'm not even sure if those shelves can hold the weight without putting substantial strain on the joints. Two RF7's weigh almost 200 LBS. Add the RC7 and you're up to almost 250 LBS.

I used RC7's in the L/R configuration for almost a year, and they are a dandy speaker. The only thing you will lose by not going with the RF7 is some low end extension and some dynamics (but not much). Since you have a sub -- the bass issue is mute for the most part.

Also - RF7's in that cabinet would create substantial 'boom' for they definitely need some room to breathe.

Three RC7's would not only sound great but I think it would look better also.

I wouldn't stress over the port issue. There are two ports on the RC7 (behind each woofer) and they are fairly small in diameter. The ports are tuned to provide some extra extenion in the lower bass, and even with that -- they only go down to 45HZ. If you cross your sub at 80HZ -- the ports for the most part become a non-issue.

If you are still concerned -- just buy some nice black acoustic foam at Radio Shack, cut it to size, and wall the back each shelf with it. If you take your time -- it would look really sharp.

The ideal solution would be to get the RF7's and place them in front of the cabinet and deal with the inconvience of having to walk around them -- but that's me.

Three RC7's would certainly bring the house down and they will definitely sound better than anything else you could possibly buy -- unless you got SERIOUS money.



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